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9 Educators Share Their Classroom Management Secrets

9 Educators Share Their Classroom Management Secrets

Every teacher has their favorite classroom management tips and tricks, but with learning taking place in a virtual or socially-distanced environment this year, we knew things might look a little different. We wanted to know just how classroom management and engagement was working in real classrooms, so we decided to ask the experts – YOU!

We went to our amazing network of educators on Facebook and asked, what is your go-to classroom management technique this year? What advice on engaging with your students would you share with another teacher?

Here are a few responses that stood out:

  1. “With Edmentum I use a star punch card. When they pass a quiz they get a star punched out, and when they reach 10 the kids get classroom money to buy treats from the class “store.” Just a little extra motivation to keep passing those quizzes.” - Vicki F.

  2. “I teach elementary students. ClassDojo is great for students to receive positive points. My advice for other teachers would be to use what works for you and your students. We’re all different and flexibility is the key! #EducatorFirst!” - Haydee G.

  3. “My go-to management technique is interactive to-do lists and material lists. I put them in Google Slides so my kids can mark off what they’ve done or what materials they’ve gathered for the lesson.” - Kelsey O.

  4. “For engagement, I’ve done hand signals for things that require everyone to answer using their hands. For example yesterday when we did rounding they would either point up for “round up” or point down for “stay the same.” This way EVERYONE is answering, not just one or two students.” - Kelsey O.

  5. “I have the agenda for the day, so the kids know what’s going on that day. Having this routine gives the kids stability therefore less behavior issues.” - Julie S.

  6. “I love setting trophy goals on Exact Path and rewarding students in-person. It's a great connection between virtual and face to face work.” - Katie L.

  7. “It's ok to make mistakes. They learn to apologize/forgive and move on. We are a family.” - Teresa C.

  8. “I think some of the biggest things this year are grace and flexibility. I have heard a little bit about virtual rewards stores teachers are using and I would love to learn more about that. My best advice for engaging students is to meet them where they are and to engage families as a whole.” - Jennifer O.

  9. “Teach with patience.” - Yolanda O.

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