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Accelerate Learning Over Winter Break with Apex Learning Tutorials by Edmentum

Accelerate Learning Over Winter Break with Apex Learning Tutorials by Edmentum

Winter break is an opportune moment for students to analyze and reflect on their academic performance during the first half of the school year and to continue learning at home so that they can meet their individual goals in the spring. Whether students want to practice skills not yet mastered, continue a study routine for college entrance exams, or preview and review for the upcoming semester, we have you covered! Check out our top three strategies for using Apex Learning Tutorials by Edmentum, our individualized acceleration and preparation solution, over winter break to help students catch up and reduce academic pressure as they prepare for the new year.

Accelerate Learning with Individualized Instruction

Set up students for continued growth over the winter break with Tutorials as their acceleration solution. We know that many students are still behind where they should be and that each grade level and classroom is populated with students possessing a range of skills and knowledge. Assign a Tutorial with unit pretests enabled so that students can “opt out” of content that they already know. As students independently study on their personalized paths, skills are reenforced and students are set up for success in the coming semester.

Building a strong foundation of discrete skills and concepts is essential to accelerating learning. Plan with your students, and help them understand the why and how of their learning. Work with them to set a realistic learning goal for their winter break, and create a schedule to reach their goal by the end of break. Keeping a small but specific academic structure, maintaining consistency, and retaining focus throughout the vacation period will reduce academic pressure as students move forward at the start of the calendar year.

Accelerate Learning with College Entrance Exam Practice

Prepare students to use Tutorials this winter break to be in test-ready mode for college entrance exams like the ACT, SAT, and ACCUPLACER tests. Level the playing field and equitably support students in the college-application process by addressing disparities in access and opportunity. Scheduling specific preparation courses like Tutorials gives students flexible access to quality tools without the expense associated with high-cost prep programs.

These test-readiness Tutorials ensure that 6th–12th grade students get comprehensive exposure to essential prerequisite skills and on-grade-level instruction aligned to the end-of-course (EOC) or college readiness exams they’re preparing for, and the program’s reporting maps back to testing categories for a clear picture of ongoing strengths and needs. Tutorials are aligned with state standards, EOC tests, college entrance exams, and high school equivalency tests (such as the GED and HiSET exams) to prepare students—via remediation and on-grade-level instruction—for success on these high-stake measures.

Accelerate Learning with Previewing and Reviewing

Tutorials can be used in their totality right out of the box or customized to just the lesson parts and pieces you hope to present to students. Through this customization ability, Tutorials can become both a great preview and review tool during the winter hiatus. Preview upcoming material with students using Tutorials this winter break as you lay the groundwork for the second half of the school year. Assign an introduction to specific skills you will be covering at the beginning of the new semester. Choose lesson components aligned to your instruction, and use modules to activate prior knowledge, introduce concepts, and practice and assess understanding. Reorder, omit, and edit units and modules to align with your scope and sequencing or district and classroom focus.

Review your latest Tutorials data, and use the information to assign content aligned to key areas where students are demonstrating need. Include skills that are imperative for a successful start to the spring semester. Put the supports and resources in place now so that students will move forward on their learning journey aligned and equipped with everything they need to proceed confidently into the new semester.

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