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Announcement Study Island Contest Winner 2022

Announcement Study Island Contest Winner 2022

This spring, Study Island educators from across the United States were invited by Edmentum to design their own Study Island contest to inspire students’ standards mastery ahead of high-stakes testing. Along with designing their own contests to prepare for upcoming assessments, educators could enter to win one of three $500 Target gift cards for telling us about their contest!

Now that the competition is closed, it’s time to award the three contest winners! With over 90 entries this year, we were inspired by the unique contest structures and creative prizes and educators’ dedication to student success. Without further ado, let’s meet our winners!

Elementary School

Lori Lund, 4th Grade Educator, Pennsylvania

Ms. Lund is a longtime Study Island user, and she holds Study Island competitions frequently throughout the school year. For her contests, she has two Blue Ribbon trackers on the wall outside of her classroom—one for math and another for ELA. Each student’s picture is turned into a place marker for the tracker, and students are encouraged to earn Blue Ribbons by mastering assigned skills in Study Island. As they earn, they can watch their picture slowly “climb” up the Blue Ribbon tracker. At the end of the school year, whichever student is the top Blue Ribbon earner receives the title of “Head Coconut” (complete with a grass skirt and real coconut!) and is awarded a gift card for ice cream.

From Ms. Lund’s entry: “I LOVE Study Island!!!! The data I receive is instrumental in driving my instruction. I use personalized learning in my classroom, and I am always using Study Island scores to meet the needs of my students.”

Middle School

Allison Carney, 8th Grade Science, Florida

To prepare her students for the state standardized tests at the end of the school year, Ms. Carney created the “Study Island Semester Quest” for her 8th grade students. Her students were assigned their appropriate benchmarks for the state of Florida and challenged to earn an 80 percent or greater on each standard by the end of the semester. As students complete their benchmarks, they are given a stamp of approval from their teacher and they get to adorn the coordinating poster outside of the classroom with their name. At the end of the competition, if students have received all four benchmark stamps for earning their Blue Ribbons, they are invited to an end-of-day pizza party hangout where they will be presented with certificates and prizes to celebrate their success!

From Ms. Carney’s submission: “I was originally thinking this would be a daunting task for me to check in with the students, but with Study Island, it has been incredibly easy! I love how I can not only see how all my classes did on any particular benchmark, but I can also click on individual students and see which benchmarks they have completed and which ones they may want to use the lesson and flash cards provided to support them.”

High School

Sheree Case, 9th Grade Biology, Texas

Ms. Case is no stranger to Study Island. She has been running different versions of her contest, “Swinging to Success,” for 18 years! It all began with a bulletin board and laminated monkey playing pieces for each student, with islands and palm trees that represent each standard a student must master. As the students work in Study Island to complete their assigned topics, they are rewarded with small prizes, such as candy, snacks, and school pins, and get to jump to the next island or palm tree on the map! The top 10 students who finish the race first are rewarded with trophies!

From Ms. Case’s entry: “What the students and I love the most is the immediate graded feedback and the ability to [see] why the student missed it. They get a chance to go back through a lesson and then try again. Thank you for this and for the opportunity to have used Study Island for the last 18 years!”

We would like to thank ALL of our educators who submitted their contest plans this year! Your dedication to utilizing Study Island in your classrooms each day and love for the program is truly inspiring. Even though our Study Island contest giveaway may be over, learning never stops! Continue leveraging our contest toolkit to create exciting Study Island contests that motivate and inspire students to achieve standards mastery each and every day in your classroom.

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Brittany Voges

Brittany Voges currently serves as a Content and Social Media Specialist at Edmentum, and has been with the company since 2016. Before her time at Edmentum, Brittany studied Elementary Education, and eventually went on to teach 4th grade in Title 1 schools. Because of her background in education, Brittany is passionate about providing educators across the United States and the world with the tools and best practices to empower their students each day in the classroom.