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[Announcing Our Winner] Edmentum’s Teacher of the Year

[Announcing Our Winner] Edmentum’s Teacher of the Year

Earlier this spring, we asked our customers to nominate fellow educators who they see making a truly profound impact on the lives of their students. Winners were selected based on criteria such as their implementation of Edmentum learning solutions as well as their overall integration of technology in the classroom and their innovation and creativity in fostering student engagement.                              

We are very excited to announce that Carmen Kilburn of David Crockett Elementary School (DCES) in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee, has been selected as our inaugural Edmentum Teacher of the Year! Kilburn teaches 6th grade science and social studies and is a proud user of both Study Island and Edmentum Assessments.

 We chose to recognize Mrs. Kilburn as Edmentum’s Teacher of the Year because of her commitment to putting the needs of her students first and inspiring them to aim for success. She consistently looks for new ways to incorporate the use of technology in her lessons, both to engage her students and pinpoint how she might improve her instruction in the future.

During her time as an educator at DCES over the past six years, Mrs. Kilburn has inspired every learner who has come through her classroom. She is known throughout the school for making learning engaging and fun, as well as for her ability to get her students excited for class.  As one child at DCES once said, "Mrs. Kilburn's class is the reason I get up in the morning." Her enthusiasm for her classes and for learning gives students something to want to come to school for and inspires them to embrace learning.

Mrs. Kilburn regularly encourages her students by reminding them how much she cares about them, believes in them, and wants them to succeed. When it comes to her classroom, Mrs. Kilburn always puts her students first and uses a variety of resources to ensure that she is meeting the needs of every child she teaches. She makes learning gamelike and uses feedback from her students to plan and improve future instruction. Mrs. Kilburn dedicates all of her time and energy to her students; she plans lessons with her students in mind to encourage skills mastery, and she always encourages them to explore and experiment in the classroom.

When integrating technology into her classroom, Mrs. Kilburn strives to create an enjoyable learning environment and keep lessons interesting for her students. She uses blended learning models to engage her students in instruction and utilizes Edmentum’s Study Island and Edmentum Assessments as learning resources. Mrs. Kilburn holds friendly competitions between her students and classes and rewards the winners with prizes she provides herself. With the data she collects through Study Island, Mrs. Kilburn plans for future lessons and seeks to improve instruction year after year so that students get as much as possible from the time they spend in her classroom. 

We want to extend a big congratulations to Mrs. Kilburn for being recognized as Edmentum’s Teacher of the Year, and we hope that she continues to inspire her students for years to come! We would also like to thank her and all educators for their tireless efforts and dedication to their students—keep up the amazing work!

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