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[Ask an Educator] How to Keep Students Engaged Before Winter Break

[Ask an Educator] How to Keep Students Engaged Before Winter Break

The weeks between Thanksgiving and winter breaks are a tough time to tune-in and focus---for students and teachers alike. After all, who isn’t ready to welcome a few days of rest after another hectic back-to-school season? But still, there is learning to be done, even this time of year. For expert advice, we turned to our amazing network of educators on Twitter and Facebook, where we asked you to tell us how do you survive the holiday chaos in your classroom? What are your favorite tips and tricks for student engagement before break?

Over 150 educators responded with some incredible ideas! Here are a few of our favorite answers:

In times of trouble, turn to books
Cut the busy work and roll with it

Embrace the chaos

Or … contribute to the chaos!

Routines are key

Wait until the last day before break … then it’s party time

Turn the focus to relationship building

Short Sessions

Build in time for chat

Time for passion projects

Calming music and a story after lunch … sounds like heaven

Escape rooms!

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