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[Ask an Educator] When do you officially become a teacher?

[Ask an Educator] When do you officially become a teacher?

Teacher appreciation should be celebrated every single day. Teachers are amazing; they’re the best people we know, and so many of them have amazing stories to share. We are celebrating our amazing network of educators on Facebook and Twitter and their educator journeys in the classroom! We recently asked you to tell us: What was the moment you knew you were officially a teacher?

Over 70 educators responded! Here were just a few of our favorite moments:

That first readaloud

When the door closes behind you

When the responsibilities sink in

When you get your first reference

When the classroom decoration bug bites

Greeting parents for the first time

Using your teacher voice at home

Grading with the good pens

The EZGrader!

When someone tells you that you’ve changed their life

When it really sinks in on the last day of the year

Thank you to all the amazing teachers out there! Looking for more awesome educator moments? Check out this blog: [Ask an Educator] Teachers Share Their Favorite Classroom Read Alouds!