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[Best Practices] Ongoing Credit Recovery Program Management

[Best Practices] Ongoing Credit Recovery Program Management

Once you’ve implemented a credit recovery program at your school and you’ve kept the credit recovery program on track, the last step for a successful credit recovery program is program management. The Edmentum Professional Services team has taken notes from countless successful Courseware implementations that focused on credit recovery programs for numerous districts to bring you a few best practices on how to manage your own online credit recovery program in the hopes that both students and educators make the very most of their credit recovery intervention program.

Reflecting on Progress and Improvement

In our previous credit recovery post, we discussed the importance of progress monitoring and open lines of communications between educators and students. We’re mentioning it on this post again because it’s crucial to the success of any intervention program.

Share progress

Share progress, strengths, and areas of improvement with students on a regular basis. Students should get to know how far they’ve progressed, while educators should get to review how students are pacing and determine if they need any further remediation. Consistent progress monitoring and an open rapport with students help educators identify early indicative signs of struggle in order to be able to respond with remediation quickly.

Review communication

Review communication strategies and areas of responsibility so that communication between administrators, educators, students, and parents is efficient and effective. The goal is to have everybody on the same page regarding expectations.

Educator Group Meeting Topics

It’s a good idea to schedule regular educator group meetings to discuss issues and brainstorm solutions regarding your credit recovery program. Here are a few helpful topics to keep in mind:

  • Scheduling
    • Is the schedule that is set in place working? If it’s not, how can scheduling be made more flexible?
  • Attendance
    • Are students attending and engaging with their online credit recovery courses? If not, what can be done to improve or incentivize attendance?
  • Instructional Issues
    • Are there any instructional issues that need to be addressed? Are there any instructional issues that haven’t occurred yet but might in the future?
  • Reports
    • Does everybody know how to run and read reports? Are there any reports that are more helpful than others? What is everybody doing with the data gathered from the reports that they are running?
  • Remediation Strategies
    • Can there be collaboration to come up with ideas on how to address whole-group, small-group, and individual intervention needs?
Courseware Customization – Things to Consider

Finally, we have a few specific tips when it comes to customizing your Courseware credit recovery program to allow for flexibility and efficiency: 

  • Aligning to School Needs
    • Consider creating custom resources within Courseware. For instance, you can rearrange modules in a course to fit your school’s course syllabi in math, English, science, and social studies.
  • Class Discussion
    • Consider using the general class discussion board or a threaded discussion with your classes to elicit deeper student conversations around topics. This is a natural extension of how learners currently use technology to communicate with their peers. Sensei Collaboration within Courseware or some other social media application can work well for this.
  • Custom Resources
    • Consider importing your own documents, links to websites, or slideshow presentations into the Courseware system for student use to mirror classroom assignments and expectations.
  • Flex Assignments
    • Use Flex Assignments for short-term assignments instead of assigning a whole course or custom course. Take a look at this video on Courseware Flex Assignments for more information and ideas.

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