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Boost Reading Skills with Reading Eggs Assessments

Boost Reading Skills with Reading Eggs Assessments

Gauging where students are ready to learn, determining where skill mastery may be strong, and defining how to fine-tune learning all require data. Our online, three-in-one, learn-to-read program, Reading Eggs, provides a powerful combination of reading placement, phonics progress, and comprehension insights to ensure that your students are making healthy gains toward their reading goals.

Let’s dive into all the ways Reading Eggs supports effective assessment that informs learning.

Placement Tests

Before students dive into their first lesson in any of the three Reading Eggs program areas (Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, or Fast Phonics), they are presented with a short placement test designed to quickly pinpoint what students know and what they’re ready to learn. Early emergent readers can opt to bypass the test and begin at lesson 1 in Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, or Fast Phonics, while other students are encouraged to take the placement test and advance to a lesson that is more instructionally in tune with their current reading abilities.

Placement tests don’t just have to be taken at the start of the year either—educators can manually reset the test throughout the school year to refine placement in alignment with what is being taught in the classroom. Many of our partners will do this two to three times during the school year for a more meaningful Reading Eggs student experience.

Embedded Lesson Quizzes

Once students have successfully completed their placement test in any program area, they will begin working on the core of their online literacy experience—their individualized lessons!

Within individualized lessons, students will experience periodic, short-cycle assessments to help monitor ongoing progress. Let’s take a closer look at the two flavors of formative assessment found within the program.

End-of-Map or End-of-Peak Quizzes

No matter which area of Reading Eggs students are working in, they will notice that the core reading lessons are chunked into either maps (Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress) or Peaks (Fast Phonics). What this means is that students will venture through a carefully sequenced and scaffolded set of lessons containing videos, games, and activities oriented around a specific set of reading skills within each map or Peak.

Upon completion, students are given a short 10- to 15question quiz to assess mastery for the entire map or Peak, and they must earn a passing score to move on to the next set of lessons. The results of this quiz are recorded in the teacher reporting dashboard, as well as in the student’s progress area.

For educators, the teacher reporting dashboard includes valuable data to help them drive instruction and stay connected as students develop fundamental literacy skills. Upon navigating to the reporting area, educators will see a central aggregated view that offers a snapshot of class usage, progress, and performance. When teachers drill in a little deeper, they can view performance on these specific assessments. In the Reading Eggs area, teachers can even drill in to right and wrong answers to more closely see where learning breaks down and where intervention may be needed.

End-of-Lesson Quizzes:

In December 2022, Reading Eggs added end-of-lesson quizzes to all 120 Reading Eggs core learn-to-read lessons! These 10-question quizzes gather ongoing data on skill mastery, creating a tighter feedback loop for educators and supporting real-time instructional decisions based on how students are progressing in their reading journeys. With this exciting addition, students can demonstrate success with a score of 80 percent or above and unlock a new collectable critter! Check out the following screenshots of this new and eggs-citing stop along the Reading Eggs journey.

The introduction of these end-of-lesson quizzes also welcomes a new data point for educators focused on skill mastery. When educators drill into class reports, they’ll find a friendly color-coded skill map to highlight how the class is progressing, as well as each student’s individual performance aligned to the phonics skill that was assessed. This detailed information provides classroom teachers and reading specialists with key details to determine opportunity areas for targeted intervention and broader reteaching.

Comprehension Quizzes

Outside of sequenced lessons, students in any area of the Reading Eggs program have access to the robust digital library, which includes more than 2,500 Lexile®-leveled titles for students to enjoy. These books can be self-selected by students or assigned by classroom teachers to encourage fun and engaging reading experiences across both fiction and nonfiction genres. At the completion of each book, students can take a short comprehension quiz to show what they know and practice putting their active reading strategies to the test. As students stack up new books read, they can also log them in their Reading Journal—a customizable digital collection that is sure to make reading more fun!

The results of these comprehension quizzes are also found in the teacher reporting dashboard. Each book also includes a Lexile measure, allowing educators to track reading gains more easily.

Incorporating regular assessment that informs learning is an essential practice to ensure that you’re getting the most out of every instructional minute. With Reading Eggs, it’s easy to keep a pulse on your students’ literacy skills while you also keep them engaged and motivated. If you’d like to learn more about how Reading Eggs motivates and rewards students, check out our blog post, Feature Focus: Reading Eggs Engagement Features.

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