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Meet the Department: Our Inside Sales Team

Meet the Department: Our Inside Sales Team

Edmentum’s inside sales organization consists of sales professionals who partner closely with K-12 educational institutions in order to help drive student achievement. This team contains great diversity in background and tenure and resides across two offices located in Minneapolis, MN and Dallas, TX. Here are a few of the important details:


Edmentum provides resources to ensure new team members learn all about the company, products, and position quickly and successfully. One of the first meetings the new team member attends is with their manager and training specialist to outline their individual training plan. Defining and agreeing on specific timelines and setting expectations to ensure the onboarding process is positive and effective is very important during this meeting. By week 2, the new team member is already having conversations with customers to ensure that they are applying their knowledge, which is a successful way to learn. An integral part of the onboarding process is weekly check-ins to verify understanding of the training as well as constant feedback.

The final training during the new hire process is a one week “Boot Camp” in Minneapolis. This Boot Camp allows all of the most recent new hires to share best practices with other sales professionals from across the country, and they get a chance to apply all of their learning through activities.



The inside sales environment is very collaborative! Each representative is ultimately responsible for their own success, but there is a strong sense of team and willingness to help each other. This team has a competitive, fun, and rewarding environment that places a large focus on success, while maintaining a work/life balance by offering flexible scheduling and the ability to periodically work from home! Successful sales representative benefit from a competitive compensation plan, comprehensive benefits, and as an added bonus, team members know that each implementation has a positive impact on a learner’s education.


Career and professional development is an ongoing focus for all inside sales employees. Edmentum has a strong history of internal promotion; therefore, each inside sales representative has the ability to complete an Individual Development Plan to partner closely with their manager and outline career and development initiatives. 

Another leadership opportunity is the Inside Sales Advisory Team. This team consists of multiple representatives who meet monthly to discuss Inside Sales department initiatives and strategies. These team members then meet with their smaller groups to provide ongoing communication and solicit feedback regarding the direction of the Inside Sales Team.

The positions within this team offer a changing, dynamic opportunity that allows the employee to experience financial success while partnering with educators to drive student achievement. The inside sales team may be the right place for you if you are interested in a career with Edmentum!