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Meet Our Employees

Meet Our Employees

Meet Mike Roseman! Regional Vice President at Edmentum.

Tell us about yourself!

I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, and lived there until I left for school in Saint Louis at Washington University. In college, I studied History with some amazing faculty including taking a mind blowing course on the Vietnam War with Former Senator Tom Eagleton, who was in the Senate during the time of the Tet Offensive. After college, my wife and I moved out to San Diego ostensibly so I could get my teaching credential and Master’s, but really so we could move to California because well, 75 and sunny every day! We spent 2 years there, then moved back east to be closer to family and have bopped around between Philadelphia, New York City, and now finally back in Long Island where it all started for my wife.

How did you hear about Edmentum?

Well, it was 2004 and I was just getting ready to move from California, but instead of applying for teaching jobs, I was spending most of my time playing music with my band. So, I went East without a job set and no prospects and started looking around on Monster and found Study Island. My dad is a VP of Sales and my mom was a Special Ed Director, so I saw this opportunity as the marriage of their positions and also as a chance to utilize my degree. The rest is history.

What are you and your department responsible for?

As Regional Vice President, I manage a talented team of sales professionals that work to support our incredible customer base in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and also to engage with districts and schools that currently don’t utilize our solutions to see if our programs will meet their needs.

What interests you about the field that you are in?

We’re talking about education here, which is the foundation of our society, and working for a company that is focused on trying to help move education forward. Plus, I love the intense conversations you get to have with teachers and administrators about their issues, challenges, and successes.

What is the most enjoyable aspect of your job?

Working with my team is the most enjoyable part. And because I have to get one sports reference in here and also stay true to my New England roots, managing the Upper Atlantic is like being KC Jones, head coach of the Celtics of the 1980s, with all those future Hall of Famers. Just a tremendously talented group in the Upper Atlantic who are extremely passionate about what they do, are customer focused, have an outstanding work ethic, and are just good people. You can’t ask for more than that.

What activities are you interested in outside of work?

I’ve two kids ages 3 and 5, so that pretty much sums up my out of work time. My favorite recent activity we’ve gotten into is treadmill band practice. In my basement we have a music room and there’s a treadmill there too, so the boys take turns banging on the drums with me or doing treadmill tricks. So far, hearing is still intact and no emergency room trips from the treadmill theatrics!

What are your professional goals?

I’m just along for the ride and want to continue to be challenged, inspired, and to learn. My position affords me that opportunity and that’s all I can ask for.

Do you have any advice for someone trying to pursue a career in the field you are in?

Treat others as you would want to be treated. Every person in an organization plays a key role in what makes it work, as does everyone that we meet at a school. It’s important to recognize and thank people for their contributions and accord them with the same respect you’d expect if you were in their shoes.'s picture
Carly Bursik

Carly Bursik is the HR Generalist at Edmentum and has worked for the company since 2013. In her role, she provides support to help facilitate the successful implementation of Edmentum's goals in a variety of areas including recruiting, onboarding and training and development. Carly has a B.S. in Business and Marketing Education from the University of Minnesota.