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Summer Internship Experience at Edmentum

Summer Internship Experience at Edmentum

Teddy Andrews spent his summer interning in our Sales Operations Department. Find out more about Teddy and his experiences at Edmentum!

My name is Teddy and I am an upcoming senior at the University of St. Thomas. I currently play football and hold the Finance Chair of the Supply Chain and Operations Management Club. I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain and Operations Management and am planning to go to the East Coast for graduate school after I gain some work experience in the next couple of years. I am originally from Boston, MA, but have lived in Minnesota for the past 17 years and have enjoyed all the experiences and memories gained here.

I heard about Edmentum through the career development page on my universities website that eventually sparked an interest since it was something outside of my major. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone to see what was out there for me to gain experience and knowledge in. After obtaining the internship of a Sales Operations Consultant (SOC), I found myself in a collaborative, intelligent, and responsive environment. With it being a small, privately owned company, I figured it would be a place where I could easily reach out to my peers. After working here for a couple of months, I began to realize that a smaller company is the best fit for me.

On a day to day basis, I put together numerous quotes for sales reps, renewed current customer’s products, and helped facilitate other SOC’s work. The other intern, Katie, and I were recently given a project to improve efficiencies and processes through our emailing campaigns to help customers renew their products and potentially expand their orders. This venture really opened my eyes as to what it takes to collaborate and communicate with other people to get something finished in a timely matter. I also thought it was very interesting to see a financial and operational side to each piece of the project.

Overall, I think Edmentum has a unique and inspiring internship program where one can really expand their knowledge within a company in not just one department. This experience was very educational and thought-provoking, which challenged me on multiple levels. I am thankful for the skills and insight this company has provided me to succeed in my senior year of college and future years in the business world.