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[Classroom Tips] Educators Share how they use Study Island to Support Virtual Learning

[Classroom Tips] Educators Share how they use Study Island to Support Virtual Learning

This unprecedented school year has meant that educators have had to quickly adapt to teaching online. For many, that has meant taking a fresh look at their web-based tools and determining how to best utilize them in a fully virtual environment. To learn how educators are making the switch from in-person to virtual learning using Study Island, we challenged all Study Island educators to share how they are using specific features of the program, and the responses did not disappoint. Thank you to everyone who participated! Sharing your innovative ideas helps other educators and informs future enhancements to Study Island.

We couldn’t fit all of the great posts in one blog, but below are some of the responses. To see the full collection, check out #StudyIsland2020 on Facebook and Twitter.

Group Sessions

Group Sessions are a great way to assess understanding in real-time and add a little excitement to instruction. With a non-competitive mode, and two competitive game modes, students are bound to enjoy this fun way to practice and check for understanding.

Content Search and Assignments

The Content Search and Assignments features in Study Island allow educators to assign specific content so that students know exactly what to work on and when it needs to be completed.

I love how Study Island allows me to align my reading and vocabulary skills each week with their test prep practice. I...

Posted by Nicole Boddye Cloudt on Sunday, April 26, 2020

We are using assignments like this one to help us review concepts we have learned throughout the year during this crazy...

Posted by Valliant Elementary 5th Grade on Monday, April 27, 2020

Teacher Toolkit

The Study Island Teacher Toolkit is full of more than 4,500 helpful resources to support instruction. It includes video lessons, lesson plans, project-based learning activities, virtual labs, and much more.

I am posting this clarifying video from Edmentum Teacher ToolKit to further explain phrases and clauses to my students. #StudyIsland2020 #VirtualLearning #COVID19

Posted by Ms.Femlee on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Test Builder

The Test Builder tool in Study Island allows educators to assemble their own custom assessments from Study Island’s vast item bank. Once students take the assessment, results are immediately available for students, and teachers have access to detailed reports down to each individual standard.

We are excited to see the creative ways that educators are making sure that learning continues whether in-person or online. If you’re looking for more ideas about how to utilize Study Island in a virtual environment check out the webinar Track Proficiency and Progress During a School Closure with Study Island.