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Courseware Enhancements: 2020 Sneak Peek

Courseware Enhancements: 2020 Sneak Peek

Improving the online learning experience for educators and students is at the heart of our goal for Courseware enhancements in the 2020–21 school year. This was a challenging year for many students and educators as they grappled with sudden school closures and a rapid transition to distance learning—so starting this summer and over the school year, Edmentum plans to release features that will make Courseware simpler to navigate and more user-friendly than ever before.

You can expect deeper student engagement, an enhanced student experience, and new customization tools. Watch our complete recorded release video or continue reading to get a sneak peek of the exciting enhancements we have coming to Courseware. 

New State-Specific Math & English Courses (Summer 2020)

This summer, educators will see enhancements in our Algebra II and English 10 courses redesigned to increase student engagement with real-world examples to make learning relatable and to provide a richer, more diverse text selection. These state-specific core courses will have a deep alignment to state and national standards.   

The Algebra II and English 10 courses will debut a new learning activity, Clarifying Big Ideas, designed to instruct students on research-based misconceptions that can lead to confusion and lack of success in core content curriculum. We want to ensure our curriculum is accessible to all learners and these lessons help strengthen the conceptual understanding of key concepts that can often be puzzling to students.

These new courses will include guided notes for students to engage with the lessons, as well as teacher answer keys to provide educators tools to support constructive feedback.

Student Course Path (Summer 2020)

It is essential that our platform is designed in a way that fosters the skills of time management, self-directed inquiry, and executive function. The new Student Course Path helps students determine where to start each day and what activities to prioritize as they work through a course.

With the release of this new layout, students will be able to quickly access learning activities and review detailed performance information to make informed decisions on how to successfully complete their courses. Coupled with the Courseware pacing feature, the Course Path view includes even more specific guidance on completing course activities.

Enhanced Custom Course Builder (2020–21 School Year)

The highly anticipated redesign of our Custom Course Builder allows educators to easily create custom curriculum resources aligned to local program needs by featuring:

  • A simplified custom course building experience
  • A curriculum search feature to build custom courses from existing content
  • The ability to add subject tags to custom courses for better organization
  • “Last Saved” timestamps to avoid losing course building progress
  • The ability to quickly scan published courses within the curriculum planning tool

Our education partners have asked for greater customization capabilities and stronger alignment to local standards, and this release is a direct response to those requests. Our goal is to save the educator time, simplify their workflow, and give them more control to meet specific student needs.

We expect this year’s releases to meaningfully impact how students and educators work in the online learning environment to meet education outcomes. For up-to-date Courseware enhancement news, visit our What’s New Page.

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Ketsia Hamilton has spent over 15 years in education. She taught high school social studies, facilitated credit bearing online learning programs, and supported technology integration staff development at secondary campuses in Texas. Ketsia has served as a Senior Specialist for curriculum and implementation with Edmentum and as the National Assessment Consultant concentrating on assessment policy and research to support the assessment product lines. She is currently Edmentum's Senior Product Manager, focusing on our Courseware program.

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