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Courseware Fall 2020 Enhancements

Courseware Fall 2020 Enhancements

Over the past several months, Edmentum has had numerous conversations with educators to gain insight into the new and innovative ways that Courseware is being utilized in the ever-evolving educational landscape. In these conversations, we uncovered two key themes:

  • Students are increasingly mobile, whether moving from in-person instruction to fully virtual and back again or needing to move to a different school or district because of changes in their home lives.
  • Customization is more important than ever due to the variety of implementation models and a greater diversity in levels of proficiency and course readiness.

On November 16th, we are rolling out two new enhancements to address both of these themes: a new Custom Course Builder tool and the ability to import and export student progress across programs and accounts. Let’s take a more detailed look at how these exciting enhancements will work to help educators drive student success:

New Custom Course Builder

Custom Course Builder is one of the most popular features among educators in Courseware because of its ease of use and unparalleled flexibility, and now, we’re making it even better!

Built based on your feedback, the new Custom Course Builder has a fresh look and feel, improved navigation, and an assortment of new and upgraded features. With the new Custom Course Builder, you can collaborate with peers as you design and build custom courses, locate and assemble content more quickly and easily, and enjoy more flexibility in publishing and managing your custom courses. Check out the enhanced features below, and take a deeper look through this tutorial video!



Collaborate with peers as you design and build custom courses

  • Share a draft of your custom course with other program administrators or account administrators to view or edit before it’s published

Locate content and assemble resources more quickly and easily

  • Browse content by subject and grade level, or search by keyword
  • Pin content and standards so that you won’t have to search for them later
  • Embed images and videos directly into your custom drop box and discussion activities
  • Add custom activities more easily with improved navigation

Enjoy more flexibility in publishing and managing your custom courses

  • Choose the programs for which your custom course will be visible at the time of publishing
  • Receive an alert before publishing if there is an issue with your course; you will be prompted to address the issue before you can publish the course
  • Edit the name and subject of a custom course after it’s published (account administrators only)
  • View date created and name of the custom course author
  • Create a section from Custom Course Builder once your course is published

Courseware Past Progress Record

When students move to a different program or school, it doesn't have to mean starting over with their Courseware courses. With the new import and export progress record feature, your students' scores and progress can move with them.

Whether students need to move to a similar course within their account or a completely different Courseware account at another school or district, this new feature allows you to import the scores and mastery status of matching graded activities that have been completed or exempted.

This feature allows you to import scores, exemptions, and mastery status for completed:

  • Unit Pretests
  • Unit Post Tests
  • Mastery Tests
  • Discussions
  • Course and Unit Activities
  • End-of-Semester Tests

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