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Discover Edmentum and Connect to the 21st Century Classroom

Discover Edmentum and Connect to the 21st Century Classroom

We could not be more excited to announce our new name that brings together proven PLATO Learning and EdOptions solutions, the Archipelago Learning family of products, such as Study Island and EducationCity, and other learning solutions under a new unifying identity – Edmentum, Inc.

With learning technology drastically expanding both in and out of the classroom, we have combined our decades of trusted experience and award-winning, multi-platform learning technology portfolios into Edmentum. Our new name signifies who we are and how we will be successful:

  1. Edmentum is a partner to educators and administrators in the 21st century classroom
  2. Edmentum allows educators and administrators to be more effective for every learner, from pre-kindergarten through adult, and any ability
  3. Our solutions are as diverse as the needs of learners, and they are the most comprehensive in the industry
  4. Edmentum solutions are designed by educators, for educators and comply with all state and federal standards, including Common Core
  5. Our solutions easily fit into each district or school’s existing curriculum

As a leading provider of online, mobile and software learning solutions that enable academic and career success, Edmentum can, and will, redefine the 21st century classroom.

Thank you to everyone who had a part in this transition and to our valued customers for their continued commitment. And to those of you who are new to discovering our advanced learning solutions or are curious about how we can enable your teachers and learners to succeed together, welcome to Edmentum. We cannot wait to begin this new journey together!

You can explore Edmentum at our newly launched website or read the official announcement about our new identity here.



Vin Riera

Chief Executive Officer, Edmentum, Inc.


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Vin Riera

Vin Riera is President and Chief Executive Officer at Edmentum.  Vin joined the organization in April 2007 bringing with him his vast experience in directing strategy and growth across sales, operations, services and marketing initiatives. Whether it was with multiple mid-sized companies, Fortune 500 companies, or all the way up to global 1000 companies, Vin has always led with clear purpose and vision.