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[DLAC 2022] The Future of School, Digital Learning, and Education Equity

[DLAC 2022] The Future of School, Digital Learning, and Education Equity

We’re so grateful to share footage from the 2022 Digital Learning Annual Conference (DLAC) with you! Each year in early February, educators, industry leaders, and experts safely come together for several days of learning and connection. This year, Edmentum was thrilled to join hundreds of educators in Atlanta, Georgia, to learn about the very best in hybrid, online, and blended learning.

Our sessions covered a range of topics and featured industry experts, incredible educators, partners, and Edmentum thought leaders. We have topical, forward-looking sessions with Edmentum staffers and education leaders to share: three DLAC panel discussions and a webinar with seasoned administrators from across the country discussing their experience starting and maintaining virtual schools.

The Future of Digital Learning: Navigating a Path Forward

The past 24 months have facilitated an unprecedented shift in education technology. How has the new and expanded use of digital resources impacted educators?

In this panel session, Amanda Kocon discusses the challenges districts face, ways to equip teachers with the best tools, and the manner that technology continues to evolve.

Future of School: How Has the Pandemic Become a Catalyst for Change?

By necessity (and metaphorically overnight), education was transformed. The traditional classroom has been reimagined and implemented with new technology standards and implementation.


In this panel discussion, district leaders share how they have been able to establish thriving tech ecosystems and offer their advice to other districts on how to apply similar strategies.

You Launched a New Virtual School: Now What?

Watch this pre-recorded conversation with experienced virtual school leaders on the benefits and challenges of new learning options to meet dynamic student needs. The conversation includes:

  • Suggestions for keeping students engaged and motivated in a virtual environment.
  • Virtual strategies to provide students with flexibility while fostering accountability.
  • Tips on how to create a culture of support and collaboration.

Are you looking for more digital learning tools, tips, and best practices? Our Hybrid and Virtual Learning Success Kit contains tons of resources, including:

  • Virtual learning checklist for administrators
  • Curriculum-planning resources
  • Printables and worksheet bundles
  • Parent guide for virtual learning
  • Video lessons
  • Recorded webinars

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