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[Edmentum’s Commitment] Customer Success Built on Innovative Partnerships

[Edmentum’s Commitment] Customer Success Built on Innovative Partnerships

Edmentum is committed to making it easier for educators to individualize learning for every student. This post is the fourth in a series where we will focus on each of the four components of this commitment: simple technology, quality content, actionable data, and customer success. Check out the first post on Simple Technology for Intuitive Use here, the second on Quality Content for Inspired Instruction here, and the third on Actionable Data to Inform Instruction here.

To us, customer success is not a one-time webinar at the beginning of a school year or a quick check-in halfway through. Rather, it’s our commitment to do everything we can to help individualize learning for every student. Our goal is to help all of Edmentum’s commitments—our easy-to-use technology, intuitive data, and quality content—shine through your unique implementation. And we will be with you every step of the way.

We don’t want to simply administer a few hours of basic training on our solutions; we want to have ongoing conversations with you about your broader instructional strategies and work with you to determine how our industry-leading technology can be built into your day-to-day activities and help achieve your goals. As an Edmentum partner, you will have access to a team of professionals dedicated to supporting you in your success and focused on your unique implementation so that you can unleash the full potential of your programs. It’s this type of holistic technology integration that effectively empowers you to create learning experiences that target individual student needs.

Building Lasting Partnerships

Getting started with any digital learning initiative and online learning provider can feel like a daunting task, especially in the midst of back-to-school preparation, instructional planning, and busy meeting schedules. We know that there are sometimes not enough hours in the day, and while a few hours of implementation training may be a good start, that simply isn’t enough to successfully learn, prepare, and support the ins and outs of your unique program.

For a program to be successful, it’s key to go in with a clear plan of what your goals and needs are, carefully evaluate your options, and once you’ve found the right solution, make training an ongoing activity so that your implementation can evolve alongside your broader initiatives. Our team is committed to working together with you through every step of this process to build a true partnership.

Creating Opportunities for Collaborative Learning

We believe that one of the greatest benefits of building these deep partnerships is the opportunity it creates to build and, more importantly, share a collective knowledge bank. Through our years of working with schools and educators with a variety of needs in a broad set of circumstances, we have developed keen insight into effective strategies to support varying challenges.

We love the opportunity to pass on that knowledge and experience to our customers, and we are with you from the planning phase on—helping with initial setup, providing regular training and support, and continuously following up to make adjustments as your needs change. Our goal is to make our ongoing conversations less about where to click and the other technicalities of our product and more about how to effectively engage your students within the context of your overarching program objectives.

We’ve seen this collaborative approach work many times over. Our Implementation Consultants have been able to call on their own classroom experience, leveraging technology with different kinds of learners in order to provide both product training and instructional strategies to empower our customers to make their digital initiatives flourish and help them serve more students. In the process, it’s always an invaluable learning experience for us as well, as our team picks up new strategies and best practices that we’re then able to share with other customers.

Sharing a Passion for Education 

We share your passion for learning, and our organization is rooted in former educators and professionals who are driven by our mission to empower futures, one student at a time. It’s not just a job to us, and our team has hundreds of years of combined teaching and education experience. Our team members include former teachers holding Bachelor of Arts degrees in education and individuals holding doctorate degrees in a variety of education fields. We’ve walked in your shoes, and we believe that is key to our ability to partner and learn along with you!

The dedication, hard work, drive, and passion of our team are integral to our broader commitment of making a positive impact on student achievement. We want to make sure that our high-quality technology and content are fully accessible to all of our customers whatever their unique program needs are, and we’re dedicated to partnering with you from day one to ensure your success.

Want to see our commitment to customer success in action? Watch this short testimonial video to see how Quitman Street Community School is partnering with Edmentum to drive student success!