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Edmentum’s Top Educator Resources of 2020

Edmentum’s Top Educator Resources of 2020

Here at Edmentum, we work to make sure that you have the resources you need to be successful as an educator. With the quick shift to virtual learning in 2020, we kicked it into overdrive! This year, we created more than 70 live webinars; more than 350 blog posts; countless printable resources; 8 hours, 10 minutes, and 46 seconds of podcasts; and more! Check out our roundup of the most popular webinars, free classroom resources, and podcasts below!


At Edmentum, we hold monthly webinars around best practices with our products and trending topics in education. Here are our top five most popular webinars from 2020! Don’t forget to check out our complete listing of webinars here.

Best Practices for Teachers Making the Switch to Virtual Instruction

In March, we gathered some of our expert EdOptions Academy teachers to share their best practices for teaching in the virtual environment. We also took time to answer educators’ burning questions.

Using SEL Strategies to Navigate in Times of Crisis

The overnight switch to virtual teaching this spring was stressful to say the least. In this webinar from early April, SEL Learning Designer Jen Perry explored the importance of focusing on what you can control.

How Educators Can Support Parents and Other Caregivers While Making the Transition to Online Learning

In this panel webinar, Edmentum experts discussed best practices for engaging, working with, and supporting parents as they help students learn online.

Best Practices for Taking Your Virtual Teaching to the Next Level

Our webinars in the spring covered the basics of virtual teaching. This webinar focused on taking your new skills a step further with a panel of EdOptions Academy teachers who have many years of experience in the world of online instruction.

How Educators Can Address Special Populations, Accountability, Staff Training, and More When Implementing e-Learning

Schools and administrators faced tough questions as they worked to implement virtual instruction this spring. In this panel webinar, former virtual school administrators, full-time virtual teachers, and Edmentum education consultants discussed best practices for quickly implementing an effective e-learning program.


In the Edmentum podcast, Edmentum Educational Programs Consultant and host David Cicero sits down with experts in the education field to discuss trending topics that matter most to you. Our podcast can be found on your favorite streaming platforms, and episodes make for a great listen as you’re getting some work done. If you like what you hear, be sure to leave us a good review and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

Mental Health During COVID-19 with Andrew Baxter

In this episode, David Cicero and Andrew Baxter discuss student mental health in the wake of COVID-19, along with best practices that you can use to support your students.

Discussing Structural Racism and Racial Equity in Education with Dr. Tracey Benson

In this episode, David Cicero and Dr. Tracey Benson = discuss what structural racism is, why it exists, and how schools can make lasting changes toward racial equity.

How Teaching Is Changing and How to Survive with Dr. Troy Podell

In this episode, David Cicero and Dr. Troy Podell analyze the role of the teacher, examine how it is changing, and identify key skills that will be invaluable over the next 10 years.

Rethinking the Purpose of Education with Dr. Michael Hynes

In this episode, David Cicero talks with Dr. Michael Hynes about the first steps toward innovation in schooling, and Dr. Hynes shares insights from his time working in Finland, identifying important takeaways.

Exploring the Purpose of Education According to Paulo Freire with Dr. Rolf Straubhaar

In this episode, David Cicero is joined by Dr. Rolf Straubhaar to discuss Paulo Freire’s perspective of inequity in education and understand how we view it as a platform for needed changes in schooling.

Free Printable Resources:

We know how awesome free printables can be, so this year, we set out to whip up a whole stack of new resources for educators like you! Here are our top three most downloaded resources of the year, but don’t forget to check out our bingo cards, virtual background, the Edmentum Brain Game, and more!

Edmentum’s Printable Worksheet Bundles

These bundles include math, language arts, reading and literacy, and science activities from a variety of our online programs, all packaged neatly by grade level. This year, we also created a Volume Two and a Spanish Edition for your students.

Downloadable Sample Daily Schedule

We asked several of our EdOptions Academy full-time virtual teachers for tips on how they structure their days of teaching students online from their home offices and used their advice to create a sample daily schedule to help you establish a virtual teaching routine.

Edmentum’s Gratitude Cards

Now more than ever, we understand how important and meaningful it is to be recognized for a job well done. With this in mind, we wanted to help educators by creating a fun and meaningful way to boost recognition in schools or your everyday life. These fun, printable, and digitally shareable cards are full of clever and creative sayings that will make anyone who receives them feel appreciated.

Edmentum’s Organization and Wellness Planners

Being organized and having a well-planned schedule are keys to success in schools, especially when it comes to virtual learning. These templates will help you keep yourself, your students, and their families on track and in the know.

Getting Started Resources:

Are you new to Edmentum’s products, or do you just want a refresher on some of the basic how-tos? Then look, no further than our getting started pages! Full of helpful tips, guides, and videos, they will get you up and running in Edmentum’s products in no time.

What an incredible year! Be sure to stay up to date on all of the resources we create here at Edmentum, keeping informed as they are released by subscribing to the Edmentum blog!