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Edmentum Named Indiana’s 2021 Top Virtual Course Provider

Edmentum Named Indiana’s 2021 Top Virtual Course Provider

For the fifth year in a row, Edmentum has been named Indiana’s Top Virtual Course Provider by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE). Since 2016, the IDOE has used an annual Tech Plan Survey “to provide a snapshot of where corporations are with regards to integrating student technology.” This year, 534 traditional school districts and charter schools responded, with 211 highlighting their partnership with Edmentum to drive virtual learning using EdOptions Academy supported by curriculum from either Calvert Learning for grades K–5 and/or Courseware for 6–12.

Since Indiana school corporations were first surveyed about providers for virtual courses in 2017, Edmentum has remained on top, even growing by 33 districts from 2020 to 2021. View our year-over-year results below.

Edmentum Named Indiana’s 2021 Top Virtual Course Provider

Edmentum Named Indiana’s 2021 Top Virtual Course Provider


Interested in learning more about some of Edmentum’s Indiana partners?

Vigo Virtual Success Academy in Terre Haute, Indiana, quickly saw a rise in enrollment for students in grades 9–12 seeking an alternate path to graduation. From the 2019–20 to the 2020–21 academic year, the virtual school continued to support students using EdOptions Academy after seeing an additional 500-percent enrollment increase. Read the success story.

Avon High School in Avon, Indiana, grew its small credit recovery program into a full-scale operation that reaches students of all ability and achievement levels using Courseware by Edmentum. This past school year, Avon issued over 1,000 credits in just one semester. Read more about the school’s success here.

Michigan City High School in Michigan City, Indiana, has been using Courseware by Edmentum since 2013 to support credit recovery and improve graduation rates, raising its graduation rate from 78.9 percent at the start of its implementation to 90.3 percent by 2017. Read the success story.

Northridge Middle School in Middlebury, Indiana, offers a very flexible learning model using a combination of Courseware by Edmentum with the school’s own teachers and EdOptions Academy for students seeking an entirely virtual learning experience. Read the success story.

We owe a huge thank you to ALL of our many Indiana partners for trusting us to support your virtual learning needs! Find out more about how our programs EdOptions Academy, Courseware, and Calvert Learning can help you support unfinished learning and offer original credit, credit recovery, and expanded options to retain student enrollments.

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