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[Edmentum Podcast] From Overwhelmed to Inspired: How to Be a Happy Teacher by Embracing Resiliency LIVE at SXSW

[Edmentum Podcast] From Overwhelmed to Inspired: How to Be a Happy Teacher by Embracing Resiliency LIVE at SXSW

Teacher and student retention, academic success for students, meaningful family involvement, all of those facets of education that we use to measure success, heavily depend on the emotional state of our instructional leaders.

The past year of unique teaching situations and cuckoo-bananas expectations, educators have felt the stressors of teaching in new and strangling ways. It is at times like these that we struggle to find the happy, to remember our ‘why,’ though it has never been more important.

Recently, Edmentum’s Educator Network collaborated with education advocate and host of The Edmentum Podcast, David Cicero, for a live SXSW EDU virtual event. David was joined by special guest Jen Molitor, author of The Happy Teacher Handbook and principal of Blanchester Local Schools in Ohio, comes on The Edmentum Podcast to talk about the importance of making resilience a conscious effort. As an educator for 19 years, Jen Molitor has enjoyed teaching in the classroom, as a gifted intervention specialist, an instructional coach, and this year as a principal of an intermediate building.

During their conversation, they were able to discuss how to positively affect student engagement, parent interaction, and the teachers experience. Edmentum Educator Network members Julia Roberts, a lifelong educator who has recently found herself as an English teacher for Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy; and Kathleen Hester, an educator for nearly 30 years and presently the principal of Link Community Charter School in Newark, New Jersey, also joined the in by sharing their questions and sparking discussion.

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Talking points throughout the podcast ranged from tips for new teachers to avoiding professional development overload. A concrete suggestion for the professional development fatigue was one that coincided with student engagement. Give the learners, whether grown up or school age, some ownership to their learning. Have them contribute to what they study so that they can find authenticity in their learning. What a simple yet important solution. The theme of kindness and consideration build the foundation of every lens educators wear. David, Kathleen and Julia were able to dig into the concrete to get examples of how to do this and to how rethink everyday scenarios.

As educators we are often provided with opportunities to grow our talents and participate in professional possibilities. Joining a community of educators expands on this. Edmentum’s Educator Network looked to their members to participate in the conversation and share real world experiences. Together with Jen Molitor the Educator Network provided a professional opportunity for discussion and renewal of skilled expression. Nothing is more powerful than a group of educators getting together to share their passion.

After such an exciting conversation it is easy to be reinvigorated, and we offer a sincere hope that by listening, you will find a way to choose happiness too.

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