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Edmentum's Vision for Edmentum College & Career

Edmentum's Vision for Edmentum College & Career

“Is anyone struggling, anytime, anywhere?”

This could be the theme for Edmentum College & Career. We provide educators with a comprehensive solution that helps adult learners make the transition to college or vocational school and to a career.  Edmentum now offers and will continue to provide the academic support, instructional support, and test prep to help struggling adult learners at each step along the way.   While the core of what we do is focused on remediation and intervention solutions for adults making the transition to college or career, we will continue to expand those solutions and add new ones to ensure we can help all adult learners take that next step successfully.  We will do what it takes to enhance all learning!

The Department of Education reports that the U.S. has one of the highest high school dropout rates in the world, and yet three-quarters of the fastest-growing occupations require more education and training than a high school diploma.  Edmentum College & Career offers basic literacy courses to bring adult learners up to a level where they can pass a high school equivalency exam and provides test prep and practice so they can experience taking the test beforehand.  And we are aligning our courses, assessments, and test prep now with the new GED® test, scheduled for release in January 2014.

Many other adults have their high school diploma but are under prepared to enter a college or vocational school.  They need help filling their knowledge gaps before taking a college placement test and entering credit-bearing college courses. Edmentum College & Career offers remedial courses to bring them up to college-level work.  And if they need additional help, we can provide instructional support through EdOptions Academy. 

But how do you keep these non-academic oriented student engaged and focused on their longer-term career goals, so that they stay in the basic literacy or remedial program? There is an exciting trend towards teaching these courses in terms of occupational skills. That way the adult learner can understand the value of what they are learning in terms of the job they are preparing for.  Adult basic ed sites are tying in basic literacy skills with workforce readiness skills. Community colleges are adding gateway courses that teach remedial skills as a component of a college credit course. Edmentum is building on this trend in a number of ways, including developing some career and technical education (CTE) courses.

Once these adult learners are in college or vocational school, Edmentum College & Career can continue to provide the academic and instructional support they may need to pass their courses.  Additional teacher support will be coming in the future, so stay tuned!

And after the students complete their coursework if they need to pass a certification or licensing exam to practice in their chosen profession, we can help again.  Edmentum College & Career provides test prep and practice that students can use to prepare for their exams. This provides them with the types of questions they will see on the exam and offers them a quick review.  Edmentum continues to develop new test prep and practice for certification and licensing exams on an on-going basis.

If through this test prep the adult learner determines that they have areas of weakness, such as math, we have the curriculum to help them with more intensive study and can provide them with instructional support if they need extra help.   Edmentum is working to make it easier for instructors to assess their students’ needs and assign them personalized instruction.

Jobs of the future will require better prepared workers who have at least some post high school education.   Companies need a well-educated workforce to compete effectively in the global economy. Edmentum College & Career will continue to offer a comprehensive solution of courseware, instructional support, and test prep to help all adult learners gain the skills they need to succeed in our knowledge-based economy. 

GED® is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education (ACE) and administered exclusively by GED Testing Service LLC under license.

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Eric Swanson

As Group Product Manager, Eric Swanson is responsible for managing investments in the new EdOptions Academy as well as investments in online tools, reports, and assessments that help educators save time and make effective and appropriate decisions for all learners k-adult. During his 6 years at Edmentum, he has led multiple initiatives to meet the needs of virtual schools, blended learning environments, and traditional classrooms, including adaptive learning solutions, assessment building tools, test preparation products, and benchmarking solutions to name a few. In this role, Eric has worked with hundreds of educators around the country to ensure Edmentum is well equipped to meet our customer’s needs. Eric holds his B.A. in Journalism from the University of Minnesota and his MBA from the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN.