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[EdNews Round Up] Student Health and Wellness

[EdNews Round Up] Student Health and Wellness

No one knows better than educators about the importance of staying up-to-date. In Edmentum’s EdNews Round Up, we’ll bring you the latest and most interesting education news, on the topics that matter most to you, all in one place.

Between the chaos of test preparation, grading, managing the classroom, keeping up with students, and everything else that comes along like school, sometimes it’s easy to put health and wellness on the backburner. In this EdNews Round Up, we dive into student health and wellness, including stories on how staying in school and spending time with friends can help you live longer, mindfulness and meditation in the classroom, how some districts are preparing for potential virus outbreaks, and more.


For a Longer Life, Stay in School, Study Suggests
U.S. News
U.S. life expectancy hasn't kept up with other wealthy nations and experts have cited health care, drug addiction and mental health woes as possible causes. But maybe the key to longevity can be found in the classroom, new research suggests.

Study Suggests Fitness Gap Between Public and Homeschool Students
Homeschooled adolescents may have significantly lower abdominal strength and endurance than public school students who are required to take part in physical education programs, according to a new study.

More Teachers Using Meditation in the Classroom
The Washington Post
Educators hope that leading students in self-reflective exercises such as meditation will give them tools to handle stressful situations.

CDC Warns Schools to Start Preparing For Spreading Coronavirus
“You should ask your children’s schools about their plans for school dismissals or school closures. Ask about plans for teleschool,” Nancy Messonnier, a Center for Disease Control director, said during a press call on Tuesday.

Growing Awareness of ”Period Poverty“ in Schools
NEA Today
One in five teens said they have struggled to afford period products, or haven’t been able to purchase them at all, according to a national study. As a consequence, 84 percent say they’ve missed school, or know somebody who else who has.

Schools Are Embracing Mindfulness, But Practice Doesn't Always Make Perfect
One in 5 American children struggles with anxiety. To help students cope, more and more schools are turning to mindfulness — but the explosion of interest has some researchers advising caution.

What K-12 leaders need to know about vaping
District Administration
K-12 administrators, teachers and staff play an integral role in combating the youth e-cigarette epidemic, including watching for signs of use, providing a supportive environment for those who are already dependent, and keeping up with the times.

Why Making Time for Friends is Good for Your Health
On average, people have only four very close relationships, and very few people can sustain more than six. But the effect of these few core relationships extends beyond our social lives, influencing our health on the cellular level — from our immune system to our cardiovascular system.

What Would a Coronavirus Outbreak in the U.S. Mean for Schools?
The New York Times
Districts have infectious disease protocols. But few have detailed plans to teach online if schools were closed for long periods.

Teaching teens about healthy relationships, consent key to preventing dating violence
Education Dive
About 1 in 11 high school females and 1 in 15 high school males nationally reported having experienced physical dating violence in the past year, according to the CDC.