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EducationCity Back-to-School Checklist

EducationCity Back-to-School Checklist

We know the time to head back to school is right around the corner, and while we hope you all had a wonderful (and relaxing) summer break, we’re so glad to have you back! To help ensure that you’re ready to get the most out of your EducationCity subscription in the new school year, check out these eight tips, including student management best practices, training resources, and details on exciting new updates:

1. Update existing teachers and students

Did you have teachers leave campus or students move out of the district? Admin users have the ability to remove any teachers or students who may have left your building. Simply navigate to “Manage Users,” and use the tabs at the top of the page to select “Students” or “Teachers.” From there, place a check mark next to the student or teacher you’d like to remove from the system, and choose “Actions” from the drop-down menu to delete.

2. Organize your new classes

Keep your class lists up to date! Move students into their new classes, add classes, or simply upload classes all at once from the “Manage Users” area. Use the tabs at the top of the page to select “Classes,” and select the class you want to edit. You can also select the orange “Add Class” button to begin a fresh class.

3. Bulk upload new teachers and students

Make quick work of adding new teachers and students. Admin users can bulk upload new teachers, while both admin and teacher users can easily do the same for students. No matter which user type you’re working with, the process looks very similar.

Navigate to “Manage Users,” and use the tabs at the top of the page to select “Students” or ‘“Teachers.” You’ll notice an option in orange to “Upload Classes” or “Upload Teachers.” Here, using a CSV file or by copying and pasting the information from a spreadsheet, you can quickly get your rosters up to date in time for the new school year. Simple instructions help guide you through building your rosters, and a sample spreadsheet is available to help you get started.

4. Print student Logins

Once students are organized in their new classes, it’s a great idea to print out student login cards. Laminate and display the cards in a classroom station or keep a printed copy for yourself for quick reference. The easiest way to get the logins you need is by using the “Classes” tab within “Manage Users.” Simply check the class you’re hoping to print, and use the orange “Actions” dropdown to select “Print Logins.”

5. Grab a parent letter to send home with students

Keep parents in the loop regarding about their child’s use of EducationCity this year! You can access an English and a Spanish version of our parent letter to help introduce EducationCity, explain key features of the program, and allow you to make note of student credentials to encourage home access. Keep these on hand for parent conferences, or include in student take-home folders to build a strong home-to-school connection from day one.

6. Refresh your skills with a virtual workshop

Each month, we offer a variety of live and on-demand workshops to help our current customers get comfortable with EducationCity. Do you have any new teachers who have just joined your school or maybe a few who haven’t used EducationCity yet? A workshop led by our in-house training team could be just the ticket to help educators preview features, uncover best practices, and ask questions directly to the experts.

7. Brush up on exciting features you may not know about

Take a look at a few of our favorite features you may have missed along the way to help you get the most out of your EducationCity subscription! Get a glimpse at all the details in this blog post on the Top 10 Features You Might Not Know About EducationCity. Whether you are new to the product or have been using it for a years, you are sure to learn a few new tricks!

8. Check out what’s coming to EducationCity!

This summer, we’re releasing some exciting new enhancements to improve your user experience. On August 8, check out the new PlayLive, pick your own avatar as an educator, and build even more MyCities using our Social Studies template. Keep an eye on our blog in the coming weeks to learn more about these and other exciting updates!

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