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[Educator Network] 2021 Educator Network Virtual Summit Recap

[Educator Network] 2021 Educator Network Virtual Summit Recap

Last month, the Edmentum Educator Network hosted our first virtual Educator Summit and once again, we had so much fun.

Watching a group of fifteen educators from across the country and in all kinds of different classroom and administrative roles come together over the span of just two days is a very cool experience. 

Within the Educator Network, our goal is to facilitate opportunities to help educators connect with one another, collaborate, and make sure their voices are heard loud and clear in conversations about the future of classroom technology. The annual Educator Summit brings all of this together in a think tank, and this year, the gathering took place virtually.

The Educator Summit events primary purpose has always been to provide educators with a rare opportunity to jump outside their day-to-day boxes, think big about sticky (and ubiquitous) problems, and benefit from the knowledge and support of peers. Connected, inspired, empowered educators empower students—and we hope every one of our Educator Summit attendees walked away from our two days together more empowered than when they arrived. A noble objective only met when educators are willing to lean into the opportunity and engage.

Sitting in the virtual room at the end of day one, I was filled to the brim. I was so proud of the time each educator dedicated to learning and engaging with other educators. They found the time, even when finding the resources to cover a classroom, manage the sundry responsibilities and time away has been so difficult. I was so thankful that these exceptional educators had taken time to come and participate in our virtual summit and to share their experiences. I was also inspired by what these educators are doing for students across the country, and I was reminded why education has to be such a passion for teachers.

The presentations were educator-led focused on themes of equity and social-emotional learning related. Visions of classroom experiences and resources were shared, and lessons learned. Jorge Valenzuela, education coach, author, and advocate from Lifelong Learning Defined, was the facilitator of the first sessions and his keynote on SEL integration and his session on emotional intelligences laid the foundation to a strong conference. Summit-goers were also included in a virtual activity lead by Cheeriodicals, assembling activity bags for the children of Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

At the end of these two days, I was exhausted, exhilarated, and elated that the first fully virtual Edmentum Educator Summit had not only come together but had also blown me away with its success. We would like to extend our warmest thanks who attended our 2021 Educator Summit and participated in our Educator Network—we’re so appreciative of your tireless hard work and dedication.

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