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Equipping Educators to Teach the Whole Learner: Self-Knowledge and Compassion as Avenues to Success

Equipping Educators to Teach the Whole Learner: Self-Knowledge and Compassion as Avenues to Success

Students and educators carry so much in their backpacks, and in order to get to a place of academic success, equipping them with supportive tools is essential. As we look to what worked and did not work from this school year and plan forward, let us consider how to best outfit our educators to navigate challenges and create more engaged classrooms by providing resources to explicitly instruct the whole learner.

A community thrives when educators are prepared with the knowledge and skills needed to facilitate a school environment where students feel heard and are able to form strong developmental relationships. Interacting with caring educators who challenge growth, along with addressing basic nonacademic needs, can make students feel safe and can lead to higher engagement in learning.

Consider BASE Education’s five-course educator professional development (PD) suite to equip educators with social-emotional learning (SEL) skills. Educators must first develop their own mental health best practices in order to teach the whole learner and foster student wellbeing and learning potential in the classroom. BASE Education is rooted in mental health and wellness principles, underscored by clinical research, and CASEL-designated as evidence-based and well-designed.

Screen shot from BASE Education of BASE Education’s five-course educator professional development (PD) suite

This professional development course collection aids educators in identifying their own triggers and growth areas and in putting what they have learned into practice in the classroom. Utilizing this powerful series helps drive recognition and self-awareness, allowing educators to better understand themselves and the impact they have on the learning environment and the students they serve.

Implementation of these courses is entirely flexible. Educators can complete courses independently or use facilitator guides for whole-group delivery and discussion.

The five-part course collection offers:

  • What Is SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) – The Basics
  • Breaking Down Elements of SEL Through an Educator Lens
  • Understanding Your Backpack
  • Leading with Your Core Values
  • Suicide Education and Prevention for Educators

The larger BASE Education curriculum and educator guides help educators understand age-appropriate skills to regulate emotions and behaviors, develop relationship skills and social awareness, and practice critical decision-making to plan for the future.

Consider experiencing other BASE Education courses like Anxiety, Coping Strategies, Mindfulness, or Stress Management in order to support educator professional development and wellness. These courses provide clinical understanding of the topic with examples, opportunities to reflect and connect emotionally, and strategies to remove barriers to success. Evidence-based practices connect with the user by building rapport and leveraging a strengths-based approach. Not only does this guide understanding of what students will experience, but also educators will begin to see themselves in these courses and understand that these skills are universally helpful.

Take a look at this prerecorded webinar for the course All or Nothing Thinking led by Edmentum’s Director of Whole Learning and SEL Jen Perry. In this webinar, Jen leads an adult group through the course and shows how the material is just as applicable, transferrable, and impactful to adult thinking.

Educators are dealing with so much more than academic learning. By providing the tools needed to maintain personal mental health, as well as connect with their students, we are setting up the community for success.

Take a test drive of BASE Education today, and experience firsthand how 100-plus mental health and wellness courses can impact your district!  

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Jen Perry

Jen Perry currently serves as the Director, Whole Learning and SEL at Edmentum. Jen joined Edmentum as the Learning Designer for Social-Emotional Learning after 30+ years of work with youth in educational and community settings. As a teacher, administrator, and trainer, her passion has been to help educators develop an understanding of the importance of social and emotional learning and build trauma-informed responses and systems. This work has included supporting youth, administrators, and schools in understanding behavior and implementing transformational change through strength-based approaches.