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Exact Path Assignments

Exact Path Assignments

I think we can all agree that programs that personalize learning through computer adaptive tests and individualized learning paths are making it a lot easier to meet students where they are. With technology like this, your class of 20+ students can all be working on personalized lessons and activities at their own pace to achieve their unique goals. But, even when technology does it’s best to work WITH you, there’s nothing like the all-seeing-eyes of an educator to determine what’s best for students. That’s where our Exact Path Assignments feature comes into play.

In addition to putting the power of Exact Path’s adaptive learning paths to work, Exact Path Assignments gives you even more flexibility to drive meaningful intervention across all tiers. Educators can use the Assess and Teach tool to search by skill or state standard for formative assessment and just-in-time digital instruction assignments to match students with the most effective intervention for their individual needs.

How do you create an assignment?

  1. You create assignments by choosing and assigning activities from “Priority Skill Lessons” or “Standards Mastery.” You can access “Priority Skill Lessons” via the new Assess & Teach tab. Educators of grades 3-8 will also have access to “Standards Mastery”, Exact Path’s formative assessment tool. These tools allow you to choose and assign standards-based formative assessments, digital lessons, activities, videos, and print worksheets. Use the filters available to refine your search by subject, grade, and domain, then choose a skill or standard. Want to skip ahead? These tools offer keyword and standards search bars to speed things up.

Assess and Teach Tool

[Feature Focus] Exact Path Assignments

Want to assign a Priority Skill Lesson while you’re viewing learning path data? The Knowledge Map and Current Activities data views are your best bet. While you’re drilling into individual student performance, pull up the learning drawer for a specific skill and toggle over to Resources. Then preview and assign the one you want that’s focused on the particular concept that students need more work on.

  1. Create the Assignment: After choosing a standards mastery or a priority skill assignment, you’ll fill in assignment details, choose the students who will receive the assignment, and click “Assign”. Or, head over to My Classes > Assignments and choose your assignment type from the “Create New Assignment” tile. In both areas, a pop up will guide you through naming your assignment, determining dates for availability, and selecting students. Your first assignment will be ready in no time!

  2. Track Student Progress: Keep an eye on how your students are doing as they work through the assignments you’ve created from the Assignments tab. Each assignment will appear as a separate tile for you to drill into. The start and completion dates, amount of time on task, progress status, and scores are all recorded here.

Standards Mastery Class Monitoring


Priority Skill Lesson Progress Monitoring

[Feature Focus] Exact Path Assignments


How can you use assignments in your daily teaching?

You can put this new feature to use in several different ways. As we continue to partner with Exact Path educators, we’ve seen three primary uses of the assignments feature put into action. As you review these three possible applications, think about what would make the most sense for your students.

  1. Just-in-time practice: While it’s important to ensure students are working at their own instructional level, there are also times where you need all students to focus on a particular standard or skill in alignment with your scope and sequence. Exact Path Assignments not only makes this possible, but gives you the additional flexibility of leveraging a standards mastery practice activity or a digital lesson depending on your instructional strategy:

    • Build a single standards mastery or digital instruction assignment for your entire class with a few clicks. You can even build a set of assignments that address the same skill or standard at varying levels.

    • For struggling learners, perhaps you scaffold learning by offering two assignments: one below grade level and another on grade level.

    • For your accelerated learners, consider creating an above grade level assignment on the specific topic so they experience the appropriate level of challenge while still practicing the same concept as the rest of the class.

  2. Remediation or Extension: While Exact Path’s adaptive learning paths are designed to automatically provide necessary remediation or extension, the assignments feature offers a few additional options to help you drive individualized support:

    • For starters, from the My Classes > Assignments area you can access instructional videos that aren’t otherwise offered in the learning path.

    • There’s also secondary content, or additional lessons covering the same skill as what’s in the learning path but not automatically incorporated, that you can choose from in the My Classes > Assignments area.

    • Additionally, there are some printable resources found in the Assess & Tech > Assign Items area that you can use to build offline assignments. These include worksheets, as well as lesson ideas, that you can preview online and then print for teacher-guided intervention.

Use these tools to help align your next round of small-group instruction with what students are doing in the program.

  1. Reinforcement prior to test day: So, your students mastered a topic back in October, but come March (high-stakes assessments time) do they remember everything they once knew? Leverage assignments to refresh your class on key skills and power standards you know will be on their summative exams. The Grouping feature can help you quickly identify who in your class might benefit from additional reinforcement on a particular topic. Then, right from there, create an appropriate assignment for each group at the right level of challenge.

Check out our detailed assignments overview videos to learn more about how you can maximize learning in Exact Path:

Exact Path Assignments: Standards Mastery Overview

Exact Path Assignments: Priority Skill Lessons Overview

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This blog post was originally published on December 7, 2017 and has been updated.

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