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Exact Path Fall 2020 Enhancements

Exact Path Fall 2020 Enhancements

This fall, we continue to roll out exciting updates that elevate Exact Path’s ability to serve as core to the learning day, wherever that learning occurs this academic year—at home, in school, or a combination of the two. Let’s take a look at the new content and feature offerings you can expect to find.

New Content for Grades ­3–5

Our most recent fall content release concludes four months of creation focused on reinvigorating our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade curriculum offerings. Altogether, we created 41 three-part lessons, totaling 123 new pieces of content! New lessons, practice, and quizzes cover existing skills in math, reading, and language arts to deepen understanding and propel academic success. Check out this recent blog post to watch samplings of these new modules and explore how content combines active learning, prioritization of key skills, and an additional focus on diversity and inclusion.

Multiple Assessments

On October 1, we simplified the account management process, making it possible for each location (often a school) within a single account to utilize a different assessment provider as needed. Since its inception, Exact Path has always allowed educators to choose the assessment that best meets their needs. These choices include administering the Exact Path diagnostic or leveraging results from NWEA MAP Growth or Renaissance Star assessments to avoid further testing. Now with this change, administrators will be supported with aggregated data for all locations in one centralized account using a single set of login credentials.

Auto-Generated Learning Paths

We have expanded the ability to auto-generate on-grade-level learning paths from a student-by-student option into a setting that can be turned on for the entire account. This exciting improvement is perfectly suited to catch any student who enrolls in a school midyear when there isn't immediately time to assess. It will also be able to assist at the beginning of the school year so that students can begin working right away, even ahead of assessment administration windows opening. Altogether, this new option is sure to reduce the burden of manual selection and create more streamlined onboarding for all learners and teachers. 

Learning Path Availability Report

We have added a new report for administrators to more easily take stock of which students have learning paths available and to view from which assessment or auto-generated method those paths were created. The CSV export will allow educators to filter as needed to make quick decisions on who still needs to complete an assessment or have an on-grade-level path created.

Review of Student Results for Practice Modules

Want to see exactly how students answered questions during practice? Now, similar to how educators can review correct and incorrect responses for Mastery Quizzes, they are able to do the same for practice module. This option will be available from the Knowledge Map and Current Activities learning drawer, allowing educators to quickly dig into how students are performing and see where learning breaks down for quicker, more targeted reteaching and intervention.

NWEA API Integration

We’re excited to share that Exact Path now offers an NWEA integration, connecting MAP Growth results with Exact Path accounts, so that data is shared seamlessly. Since July 2017, Exact Path has offered an integration that allows for educators to upload student NWEA assessment results from MAP Growth K–2, as well as MAP Growth for math and reading assessments to drive targeted learning. Now, following initial setup, the completion of a MAP Growth assessment will automatically trigger the creation of an individualized learning path in Exact Path within 24 hours, without the need for manual uploads or data entry.

Sync History Report

For schools and districts using NWEA MAP Growth or Renaissance Star assessment data to generate learning paths, we have added a new report focused on sync history. This simple CSV export allows educators to easily sort, filter, and search their sync results to manage and troubleshoot any errors while syncing and also helps confirm that all students are properly synced.

We are excited to share all of these powerful enhancements with you and are confident they will improve your overall Exact Path experience.

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