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Expanding Exact Path: Taking a Closer Look at the NEW Standards Mastery Add-On!

Expanding Exact Path: Taking a Closer Look at the NEW Standards Mastery Add-On!

Spring testing results for 2022 are in, and with them, many educators are still seeing one of the effects of the disrupted years: students are in tremendous need of accelerated learning recovery.

The data are clear that it will take a one-two punch of a combined focus on growth and proficiency to help students make the academic recovery they need to this new school year. So, where do you start? 

We are introducing Edmentum’s new add-on to Exact Path, Standards Mastery, a meaningful option to target standards-based learning via just-in-time formative assessments and practice. Utilized within our award-winning, diagnostic-driven, direct instruction program, Exact Path, Standards Mastery supports grade-level proficiency for your students.

What is Standards Mastery?

This new, research-backed add-on, available for grades 3–8 in ELA and math across all 50 states, introduces the ability to assign standards mastery practice and formative assessment—all from within your Exact Path implementations. By utilizing Standards Mastery in Exact Path, educators will gain access to a streamlined experience that will ensure that students are achieving higher academic growth and increased standards proficiency.

Expanding Exact Path Taking a Closer Look at the NEW Standards Mastery Add-On!

Address on-grade-level mastery

Using standards-aligned question sets that build on-grade-level understanding, Standards Mastery allows educators to easily take a pulse check on whether students are catching what's being taught in day-to-day grade-level curriculum. Each instantly generated question set is made up of 10 questions per skill and allows educators to choose one skill for a succinct, yet powerful, quiz or assign up to three assignments with additional skills. For each new assignment on that skill, a different set of 10 questions is delivered to students, keeping them engaged.

Utilize real-time data to inform instruction

Standards Mastery is designed to inform data-driven classroom instruction by tracking mastery and time spent in the program.

Expanding Exact Path Taking a Closer Look at the NEW Standards Mastery Add-On!

Educators can see real-time performance outcomes to guide their day-to-day instruction by viewing the following reports within the add-on:

  • Class Summary Report: Provides teachers with a bird’s-eye view of the whole-class achievement on each standard
  • Student Summary Report: Provides teachers with an individual view into the results of the skills and standards
  • Assignment Report: Provides teachers with a view into how students performed on each skill and the standards within the assignment they created
How can I use Standards Mastery in my classroom?

Pairing Exact Path to accelerate growth and Standards Mastery to power proficiency can elevate learning potential by both filling critical gaps in learning and providing on-grade-level instruction. Working hand in hand with what is being taught inside the classroom, educators can utilize these quick question sets with individuals, groups, or the whole class to:

  • Create pretests to inform classroom instruction
  • Work through practice questions with individuals, groups, or the whole class to build skills and assess understanding
  • Create posttests, checking for mastery of standards

To get an even closer look at how you can use this flexible tool in your classroom, check out our implementation model, Designing Instruction Using Standards Mastery.

We’re so excited to bring you this exciting new addition to Exact Path. Together, Exact Path and Standards Mastery will offer educators a powerful tool to ensure that students achieve both higher academic growth and increased grade-level proficiency, backing our commitment to provide comprehensive learning and assessment programs that fit your instructional models.

Ready to start closing gaps with Exact Path and mastering standards with the addition of Standards Mastery? This add-on is currently FREE for existing Exact Path customers or with the purchase of a new Exact Path Implementation. If you’re looking to add Standards Mastery to your toolkit this school year, you can get a quote here.

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