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[Feature Focus] EdOptions Academy Success Coaching

[Feature Focus] EdOptions Academy Success Coaching

Some students, whether working in a brick-and-mortar classroom or a virtual one, need extra support to be successful. In a traditional school setting, team coaches, mentors, and other trusted adults in the community provide this valuable guidance to students; at EdOptions Academy, we offer Success Coaches.

Success Coaches work alongside teachers to provide an additional layer of support and add a source of accountability that helps students complete assignments, reach their goals, and achieve success. In fact, students working with an EdOptions Academy Success Coach have a 98-percent course passing rate.

What do Success Coaches do?

Success Coaches help identify potential barriers to learning and help students build skills for self-advocacy. Students work with a single Success Coach throughout their time with EdOptions Academy to develop a meaningful, personal relationship.

As part of providing personalized coaching to promote success in virtual learning, as well as real life, EdOptions Academy Success Coaches will:

  • Work with a group of students identified by the school as needing additional support

  • Focus on progress monitoring and motivating students to stay on pace in their virtual courses

  • Provide targeted support to pinpoint barriers to learning, develop strategies to overcome those challenges, and help students build self-advocacy skills

  • Communicate regularly with students, families, and school staff


Dive deeper into how Success Coaches motivate students with this video featuring Katelyn Englehart, Success Coach manager with EdOptions Academy.

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