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Feature Focus: Reading Eggs Engagement Features

Feature Focus: Reading Eggs Engagement Features

Reading is more than just a skill, it’s the foundation of future academic success. And as an educator, you want to see your budding bookworms enthusiastic about learning to read, because you know how important it is for them to see reading as a positive and enjoyable experience.

Edmentum’s 2-in-1 learn-to-read program, Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, includes several features that help teachers bring engagement and game-play into the learning environment seamlessly. In fact, nearly every aspect of Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress is designed to engage and actively reward students, so that learning to read becomes a fun and interactive experience. In addition to the programs’ vibrant and interactive learning areas, check out these five features that will encourage your students to spend more time actively engaged while they embark on their literacy journey!

1. Golden Eggs

In Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, Golden Eggs serve as your currency, and keep students motivated by rewarding them for completing activities, lessons, puzzles, and library books. After students have earned Golden Eggs, they can then use them to buy clothes, accessories, and home decor for their avatars or use them to play fun games in the Arcade. It’s also super easy for students to keep count of how many eggs they have. A Golden Egg tracker follows users as they complete lessons and activities, and displays how many Golden Eggs a student has earned on nearly every screen. 

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Every student who uses Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress will have the opportunity to build and customize their own Avatar. Using Golden Eggs, students can buy new clothes, pets and furniture for their Avatars at the Shop or Mall.  Avatars are a great incentive for students not only because they need to earn Golden Eggs to play with them, but also because they’ll want to spend time rearranging their furniture, changing their hair and clothes and shopping for them.

As you might guess, collecting Golden Eggs is a favorite past time for students. To help make sure students are actually completing lessons while they use Reading Eggs, not just shopping or playing games, try encouraging students to log on to Reading Eggs at home, and spend their eggs there. Or, you can schedule “Friday free time,” where students have a designated time during the week where they can spend their hard-earned eggs. Having specific time carved out where students know it is appropriate to play with their avatars will also help you better manage time when students are supposed to be on task. And if students know they will have time to play at the end of the week, they’ll be less tempted to play when they are supposed to be working.

Reading Eggs Engagement Features Golden Eggs

2. Certificates

Students earn certificates after they complete a Reading lesson in Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress. Certificates are a great way for your students to see how much progress they have made on their reading journey. As a teacher, you can view your students’ certificates from the Manage Class page when you log in to your Reading Eggs account. Students can see how many certificates they have earned by clicking on the Awards icon in Reading Eggs or the Trophy Room in Reading Eggspress, or by clicking on the Golden Egg icon in either program.

Certificates are a validating award of achievement for students, especially if they have struggled with a particular lesson or concept. They are easy to download and print so your students can show off their reading achievements at home or around the classroom.  Certificates are also great to print out and present during class celebrations or school assemblies at the end of the quarter or semester. Just wait until you see the smile on your students’ faces when you call out their name and present them with recognition for their outstanding reading achievement!

Reading Eggs Engagement Features Certificates

3. Awards and Trophy Room

The wonderful thing about Reading Eggs Awards is that they are presented to students at incremental levels, which is great for encouraging regular weekly use of the program. A bronze trophy is awarded when a student earns 1,000 Golden Eggs in one week, a silver trophy is given after 5 bronze trophies are achieved, and a gold trophy represents 3 silver trophies. Students can view the awards they earn using Reading Eggs by clicking on the Awards icon on their dashboards. Students using Reading Eggspress can view their awards when they visit the Trophy Room from their Apartment or from their dashboard. Teachers can track student awards in teacher reports for both Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress.

While it probably won't be hard to motivate students to earn Golden Eggs, medals, and trophies, it never hurts to add a little non-virtual incentive to get kids reading. Offering leveled incentives to students based on how many and what kind of awards they earn in a given time period is a great way to keep students engaged and active when using Reading Eggs. For example, at the end of the week you could award students raffle tickets based on the number of bronze, silver and gold medals they have earned. If a student has earned a bronze medal, they get one ticket, a student who has earned a silver gets two tickets, and gold gets three. Then, at the end of the month, hold a raffle where you randomly pick several tickets to choose a prize from the treasure box. This way you are encouraging your students do use Reading Eggs every week, and giving everyone a fair chance to be rewarded.

4. Critters and Trading Cards

Critters and trading cards are colorful, virtual collectables your students will love. Consider them a fun, interactive bonus to completing reading lessons. In Reading Eggs, critters appear after a student has completed a lesson, accompanied by a brief silly song and dance. From the Reading Eggs dashboard, students can click on the critters icon to revisit the critters that have “hatched” in previous lessons. In Reading Eggspress, students are awarded trading cards after they have completed a lesson or reading quiz. Trading card collections are viewable from inside a student’s Apartment, where they can also swap out cards they already have for new ones, or print them.

Reading Eggs Engagement Features Trading Cards

Critters and trading cards are great incentives to encourage grit, especially for students who might have more trouble completing lessons. Try challenging you students to see how many new critters or trading cards they can earn in a week. Your students will feel accomplished as they complete lessons and reading quizzes and watch their collections grow! If your students are particularly enamored by critters or trading cards, you might let them compare and browse through their collections after they have completed all their lessons for the week.

5. Targets (Reading Eggspress Only)

Targets in Reading Eggspress are designed as a more mature element for 2nd to 6th graders, which encourage students to create a strategy and make decisions. To “hit” a Target, students must compete a certain set of tasks within the program. Early Targets help students get familiar with the different content areas, while later Targets reward students for certain milestones within the program, such as completing a certain number of reading lessons or writing reviews on library books. Targets motivate students to explore the many different parts of Reading Eggspress by acting as a tool for students to self-monitor their progress. Students can easily view the targets that have “hit” or the ones they are “still aiming” toward by selecting the targets icon on their Reading Eggspress dashboard.

Reading Eggs Engagement Features Targets

Since there is no time frame for completing targets within the program, you can set you own class or individual student goals to ensure your students are making progress while using Reading Eggspress. For example, you might make it a class goal for everyone to have completed the early “taking flight” targets within the first two or three weeks of using Reading Eggspress. Using targets to set individual student goals is another great way to encourage students who might need more practice to log into their Reading Eggspress account at home and work on reading books, completing lessons, and writing book reviews. And, because some targets involve more game-like activities, such as buying pets for your avatar’s apartment or earning trading cards, your students won’t feel like they are constantly doing work to earn achievements. Targets encourage your students have fun while using Reading Eggspress!

When it comes to Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, it’s hard not to make literacy learning fun! Colorful critters, friendly animations, and fun games and activities turn learning to read into an exciting adventure for all students. And best of all, it’s proven to work. Check out how one South Carolina school has used Reading Eggs as a literacy intervention—and done the research to show it’s effective! 

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