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First-Year Teachers’ Ultimate Guide to Success in the Classroom and Beyond

First-Year Teachers’ Ultimate Guide to Success in the Classroom and Beyond

You’ve already spent a lot of time getting your classroom ready for the school year, but you may be missing one important element—your students. While you can prepare and have everything in order ahead of time, teaching becomes a different ballgame once those students step through the threshold of your door. And, for a first-year teacher, that anxiety can be at an all-time high as you figure out a set of classroom management procedures that work best for your class.

To help you out, we’ve assembled our best resources when it comes to the parts of being a teacher that you may not have learned about in college—classroom management, setting up your classroom for success, unique teaching strategies to try, professional development, and tips straight from our community of professional educators on Facebook. Let’s dive in and get started:

Classroom Management

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Taming a classroom full of rowdy students is easier said than done. Here are some of our best articles for when it comes to setting up a classroom management strategy that benefits both you and your students.

Setting Up Your Classroom


Does your classroom have everything you need in order for you and your students to be successful this school year? Here are a few resources to help you make sure that everything on your list is checked off.

Unique Teaching Strategies to Try

There’s no better time than the present to try something new in your classroom. Check out our collection of blog posts with unique teaching strategies you should try. As a bonus, many of these are backed by and proven to be effective from research!

Professional Development


Swap roles with your students for a moment and check out these articles all about how to grow and develop as an educator.

Tips Straight from Seasoned Educators

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Learn from our awesome community of educators on Facebook as they share what makes them successful.