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Five Ways Educators Can Rejuvenate Over Winter Break

Five Ways Educators Can Rejuvenate Over Winter Break

Many teachers have had winter break circled on their calendars since the beginning of the school year. But, with the holidays, travel, and other commitments, often winter “break” isn’t actually that much of a break. Here are some tips to help you truly relax over the next couple of weeks and come back to school in 2016 rested and rejuvenated!

1. Read for pleasure

Teachers don’t get many chances to read for leisure during the school year. If there aren’t papers to grade, often other materials are required reading for work. This year, pick out a few books that you would like to read during the break—whether they are education related or purely for fun. Whatever you choose, make sure that you can finish it before returning to school. Not being able to finish a book can be as stressful as not starting at all.

2. Try yoga, meditation, or another restorative technique

Winter break is a great time to try yoga, meditation, or other relaxation practices. Without the day-to-day stress of being at school, you’ll be calmer and much more likely to start a practice that will actually become habit. If you don’t want to spend much money or make a commitment, lots of yoga studios offer free introductory classes or even a regular by-donation class. There are also lots of free apps for meditation available to download and use at your convenience.

3. Make travel easier

A lot of people have to travel over the holidays; entire books have been written about the stress that can cause. Instead of flying during the peak days and times, try to plan your travel on dates that are less busy. If you’re driving, take your time and plan stops along the way to see (and enjoy) the sights. Too often, we are focused on the destination. Think more about the journey to make this year’s holiday travel a more relaxing experience.

4. Make time for yourself

During breaks, many teachers feel guilty if they don’t spend all of their time with their family. However, winter break is just as much about recharging as it is reconnecting. So, don’t feel bad about setting some boundaries and dedicating time for yourself to rest, pursue your interests, or get together with friends. The children will have plenty of new toys to keep them busy.

5. Expand your craft

Some people just can’t stop becoming better teachers, even for two weeks. For them, rejuvenation might mean getting excited about the upcoming semester instead of setting aside thoughts of school. If you fall into this category, take the time to investigate new classroom tricks or strategies to try out in January. That first ring of the school bell after break will sound that much sweeter if you have exciting new ideas to put into action.

Edmentum knows how hard educators work, and we want to say thank you for another fall semester that’s now in the books (for the most part). So, let Edmentum help you celebrate the season! Enter our Educator Holiday Giveaway for your chance to win one of two iPad mini tablets. Happy holidays, educators—enjoy your break!