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[Free Printable] Celebrate National Reading Month with the Edmentum Brain Game!

[Free Printable] Celebrate National Reading Month with the Edmentum Brain Game!

March is National Reading Month, a month designated to inspire and encourage Americans of all ages to celebrate the joys of reading every day. To help you spice up your reading month activities, we have developed free printable Edmentum Brain Game packs around elementary reading comprehension and famous authors for middle and high school level readers.

Take brain breaks with your students and put an interactive twist on flashcard review by challenging players to describe common terms with a partner or group.

We also have a variety of decks for all grade levels including these subjects: Animals (elementary), math terms (elementary), U.S. state capitals, U.S. presidents, ACT/SAT vocabulary (middle/high school) and more. For the full list of card packs and rules for the game, check out our website. There are multiple ways to play the game, so put your own spin on the rules to fit the needs of your students. Keep an eye out as we’re creating fun themed packs to add to your collection throughout the school year.

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