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Georgia Educators’ Ultimate Guide to Prepare for Georgia Milestones Testing

Georgia Educators’ Ultimate Guide to Prepare for Georgia Milestones Testing

Between making sure you are staying on-pace with curriculum guides, practicing test-taking procedures and strategies, and providing the targeted preparation and reinforcement individual students need, this time of year can quickly begin to feel overwhelming for educators. The good news is that a little research and planning can go a long way towards ensuring that you’re able to provide the support students need to be successful on their Georgia Milestones assessments. We’ve gathered all the most useful, detailed, and relevant resources out there on the Georgia Milestones assessments to help you put an outstanding test preparation program into action.

Georgia Milestones Assessment Resources from the Georgia Department of Education

When it comes to the Georgia Milestones assessments, the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) is obviously the authority. And they have a great collection of free resources for educators! We’ve done the legwork of combing through the GaDOE library to find their best Georgia Milestones materials.

2018-2019 Guide to State Assessments  (End of Grade & End of Course)
It’s always important to understand the basics. One these pages of the GaDOE you’ll find a document that provides great overviews of scheduling, content, and procedures for the Georgia Milestones and all other Georgia summative tests.

Test Administration Training Videos & PowerPoint Presentations
These resources provide helpful Information for educators and test proctors preparing to administer Georgia Milestones assessments, including guides for what to do during and after the test.

Item and Scoring Samples (End of Grade & End of Course)
Item and Scoring Samples provide examples of the type of constructed-response items appear on the Georgia Milestones assessments. These are outstanding resources to give students a first-hand look at what they can expect to encounter on testing day.

2018-2019 Assessment Update Newsletters
Check out these monthly assessment newsletters for the latest updates and information on Georgia’s assessment programs and accountability measures.  The newsletters even include key training dates for educators, as well as tasks and reminders for each assessment to help keep you in track. 

Additional Georgia Milestones Resources Available
The GaDOE has tons of additional resources available to cover all of your Georgia Milestones needs and questions, including information on the most recent updates, student accommodations, specific content areas, professional development, reporting, and more.

Georgia Milestones Assessment Preparation Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices for Classroom Teachers

Georgia Milestones prep doesn’t have to dominate your classroom agenda this spring. By getting started early, utilizing formative assessment strategies, and making the most of practice testing, teachers in the classroom can provide students with individualized Georgia Milestones support without sacrificing time for standard curriculum (and of course, some fun!). Check out these resources to get started.

5 Proven Ways to Get the Most Out of Practice Testing
The old adage “practice makes perfect” is a familiar turn of phrase for a reason. Ensure that you’re getting the most out of every minute your students are spending on practice testing.

3 Ways Online Practice Can Support Your Test Prep Program
As you are considering different options to ensure that your students have achieved standards proficiency, it’s critical that you have a program that’s aligned to the Georgia K–12 Standards. Consider this and other benefits of using an online program.

4 Best Practices to Use Midyear Benchmark Assessment Data

Like any assessment, midyear benchmarks are only as valuable as the strategies you employ using that data. Here are four ways to make these assessments a truly valuable exercise for you and your students.

Marzano Validated Best Practices for Online Practice

The Edmentum research team was honored to have Marzano Research peer review a research project that we conducted for our classroom practice and assessment program, Study Island. Through that review, Marzano confirmed our findings about the effectiveness of Study Island, and we also uncovered four best practices to help students get the most out of online practice.

General Test-Prep and Test-Taking Tips for Educators

No matter the exact situation, testing is a stressful process. But successful test-taking, beyond content knowledge, is also a skill that can be taught, acquired, and mastered. Here are some of our best resources on general test-prep and test-taking to help the Georgia Milestones assessment process go smoothly at your school.

10 Classroom and School Tips to Improve Test Scores

Helping students towards Georgia Milestones success is about much more than targeted practice in the classroom. Check out these 10 holistic tips to make sure that your students are ready for their assessments in all ways.

8 Last-Minute Steps Districts Can Take to Improve Test Scores

Administrators may not feel like they have a direct hand in making sure students are well-prepared for Georgia Milestones assessments. But, there are no shortage of steps administrators can take to make sure that their teachers and students have what they need for a successful testing season—even when it’s down to the wire.

6 Tips for Teachers to Help Students Manage Stress

Testing season inevitably means classroom stress will hit a new high. So, how can you keep anxiety levels in check, and help your students stay cool, calm, and collected when test day rolls around? Here are six tips for a low(er) stress testing season:

8 Tips for Parents to Help Your Child Prepare for High-Stakes Tests

Parents and other caregivers are critical to every students’ education journey. So, get them involved in the Georgia Milestones preparation process! Share these eight simple tips with parents to help them support their learners on testing days.

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