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How 10 Teachers Reach and Encourage Their Struggling Students

How 10 Teachers Reach and Encourage Their Struggling Students

As a teacher, it can be hard to watch a student struggle in your class. But, with positive words of encouragement and affirmation, you can help all students succeed. We recently asked teachers on our Facebook page to share their words of advice. Here are some of their responses:

1. “I help them devise a plan. Baby steps.” – Angie K.

2. “Being a special education teacher, I give them their moment to destress. We take time together to do activities to calm their nerves. Then I try to individualize activities to teach them the skills they are struggling with, one stem at a time.” – Indrani B.


3. “Make them feel proud to get the 1st step complete & cheer on the next one.” – Rhonda S.


4. “Really stress the small light bulb moments. Provide them many ways to utilize strengths.” – Kris M.

Mighty Oak

5. “Encourage by acknowledgement!” – Sara W.


6. “I encourage my students [who] were struggling by reminding them that I’ve struggled myself!” – Kayla F.


7. “I help them believe in themselves. I break the questions down so they can complete them successfully then we discuss them as a whole. Success can be small steps into the big jump.” – Diane M.


8. “Putting stickers and stars on a classroom chart.” – Kathy R.

9. “I find something they are great at and highlight their strengths before helping them with something that is more challenging.” – Lacey C.


10. “Can we work on this together? Maybe a little help is all you need.” – Leena W.


As an educator, you have the rewarding job of being able to help students succeed and grow in your classroom, as well as the opportunity to celebrate victories alongside them!

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Brita started with Edmentum in March 2018 and currently serves as a Marketing Associate. She is passionate about providing teachers resources to help their students achieve in and out of the classroom. Brita earned a B.S. in Marketing from North Dakota State University. 

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