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How 7 Teachers Build Community at Their School

How 7 Teachers Build Community at Their School

Building community amongst your colleagues is important to having a strong team who works well together and is supportive of each other. And as an educator, this is especially important as you all have the same goal in common – seeing your students be successful. We asked our community of educators on Facebook and Twitter this question: How do you build community amongst your fellow teachers at school? Here’s a few of our favorite responses.

1. “We have a magic journal!” – Lauren K.

2. “We build community by having collaborative planning at least once per month; where all grade levels plan together and share best practices. we also have a games evening for teachers once per month on a Thursday or Friday afternoon, after school.” – Dale F.


3. “We have “Cheese dip therapy” after school on Fridays where we can catch up, vent, and do whatever we need to refresh for the next week!” – Julie W.


4. “We have weekly meetings then go out together and just have fun to lift the spirits and morale.” – Sara G.


5. “By being there for each other. Whether it's making copies, venting, crying, support etc. There's infinite ways!” – Kirsten A.

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6. “We go bowling!” – Christy I.


7. “Eating lunch with fellow educators in the teacher’s lounge getting to know each other more instead of working through lunch in one’s own classroom.” – Kelsey S. 


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