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[iNACOL 2016] Meaningful Conversations About Online Curriculum

[iNACOL 2016] Meaningful Conversations About Online Curriculum

For classroom teachers, having ownership of your classroom and the chance to spend your days interacting with students are two of the best perks of the job. The downside is that, sometimes, all of that autonomy can make you feel like you’re on an island. That’s why I always look forward to the annual iNACOL Blended & Online Learning Symposium—it’s a chance to connect face to face with other educators and dedicate much-needed time to discussing the challenges we all face and sharing strategies to meet them. Whatever struggles you’re coming up against, at the iNACOL conference, you can find someone else in the same situation and put your heads together.

Even though I don’t spend my days in the classroom anymore, my colleagues at Edmentum and I still see so much value in these peer-to-peer interactions. We all get excited to attend events like the iNACOL conference, connect with educators using our online solutions, and take part in the conversations about what educators and students really need. This year, we decided to take our enthusiasm one step further and host several events throughout the conference to help make more of these meaningful conversations happen.

One of these events will be a breakfast roundtable discussion on best practices in implementing online curriculum. We’ve invited two of our customers, Dover High School in Delaware and the Learn4Life charter school network, to share their experiences implementing and optimizing our Plato Courseware online curriculum, as well as our EdOptions Academy virtual school solution. They’ll expand on broader conference themes around blended learning, personalized learning, program design, and data use to help you determine the best fit for your own needs. They’ll also hit on topics including best practices to ensure that students are comfortable with technology, how to make the most of online solutions to vary your course offerings, and strategies to overcome the unique challenges of addressing hands-on career and technical education topics with online courses.

Educators are full of innovative ideas, and conferences like iNACOL are the perfect opportunity to share them. We’re excited to see what conversations take place at this year’s conference—at events like our online curriculum roundtable, in our booth, at sessions and workshops, and through all of the chance hallway encounters in between!

Headed to San Antonio? Register for one of our roundtable discussions, and take a quick coffee break with us! Otherwise, check out this blog post to learn more about the latest updates and enhancements to Edmentum’s online courses!