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Insightful Intervention Part 2: The System

Insightful Intervention Part 2: The System

My work at Edmentum is guided by one driving question: How can we partner with adult educators to create a system that provides a more proactive, targeted, and formative approach to adult teaching and learning?

Every day, I hear from more educators that our adult education systems are in crisis. I hear about programs struggling to find resources to help learners recover from inadequate academic preparation. I hear about a culture that rewards enrollment instead of completion, and a system that is often out of touch with the needs of today’s student. By far, the most pressing issue seems to be poorly designed and delivered remediation. As I work with our customers, it has become apparent that they are tired of “serial remediation,” “perpetual re-teaching,” and a “reactive response” in their teaching and learning practices.  Adult educators are trying to create systems where they decrease the hours spent on remediation, gain back instructional time, and ultimately create an environment that promotes success for all of their learners. 

By sharing responsibility for learner success, we can turn broken processes and missed opportunities into better retention and economic success. Through proactive partnerships, we can achieve the following:

  • Increased learner involvement and ownership of progression through curriculum
    • Effective use of data
  • Additional instructional options leading to retention and completion of programs

The Higher Ed group at Edmentum understands that students must work hard, make good choices, and stick with it; while colleges and universities must make graduation, not head count, the measure of success. And most importantly, states must knock down obstacles, across entire educational systems, that unnecessarily block paths to college completion, and they must encourage and hold accountable institutions and students for measurable progress.

Edmentum has a fifty year history of partnering with educational entities to enhance student success. We are dedicated to the mission of providing a more proactive, targeted, and formative approach to teaching and learning. Will you afford us an opportunity to share our ideas with you?