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International Literacy Day: FREE Classroom Resources!

International Literacy Day: FREE Classroom Resources!

Did you know that International Literacy Day is September 8th? Literacy is a fundamental building block for learning, and it is also an outlet to another world, one driven by imagination. Take this opportunity to share with your students how enjoyable reading and writing can be, as well as the importance of literacy in opening doors to their academic future.

At Edmentum, we’ve already starting celebrating by putting together a collection of printable International Literacy Day Pre-K through 6th grade resources from Edmentum to raise awareness, target key literacy skills, and encourage students to embrace reading!

At the elementary level alone, reading initiatives in 39 states are committed to tackling the nationwide crisis threatening our education system. Reading proficiency by the end of third grade is a significant milestone on a child’s path to high school graduation and later success. International Literacy Day gives your students the chance to discover the joys of reading while raising awareness for those without access to adequate education.

Looking for ideas to plan a great International Literacy Day Lesson and continue to promote reading throughout the rest of the year? Download our free classroom resources, or check out these tips for building your classroom library!

Looking for more? You can find all of our favorite Edmentum free resources in one place. Check them all out here!

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