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Introducing Edmentum Courseware’s ELL Foundations Library

Introducing Edmentum Courseware’s ELL Foundations Library

When English language learners (ELLs) struggle to access academic content due to limited English proficiency, they fall further and further behind their peers. With the new Courseware ELL Foundations library, educators can give entering, emerging, and developing ELLs in grades 6–12 the targeted support they need to accelerate their English-language acquisition while they make progress toward successfully mastering state standards and achieving college and career readiness. With these fully online courses, you can scale the way you support ELLs, whether learning takes place in person or virtually.

The ELL Foundations library is offered through Courseware by Edmentum, and it consists of two courses, Newcomer and Level 1. The Newcomer course has 23 engaging lessons that facilitate the introduction of basic vocabulary and sentence structure necessary for beginning ELLs. The Level 1 course consists of 32 lessons built using multi-genre, multicultural reading selections with Lexile® measures. As students work through the lessons, they continue to build their vocabularies, hone their English reading skills, and sharpen their control of English syntax and grammar. No matter which course students are working in, they will encounter activities that support all four modalities of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Edmentum Courseware’s ELL Foundations Library

Because each ELL student’s journey to proficiency is different, ELL Foundations courses are designed for students to complete them at their own pace, progressing through course modules as their teacher provides feedback and guidance. To support independent learning, students have access to a variety of built-in resources to scaffold learning, including a dictionary, translation tool that can translate words, phrases, and sentences into 19 different languages; audio support so that students can hear and practice English pronunciations; and a digital notebook to record key vocabulary and concepts. ELL Foundations courses also feature detailed lesson plans and student guides for every lesson, making these courses a great tool for teacher-led instruction. Want to incorporate ELL modules into other courses, with Courseware’s Custom Course Builder? You can do that too.

As a part of Courseware, the ELL Foundations library comes with Edmentum’s modern, easy-to-use platform. Data dashboards, as well as a wide variety of reports, provide instant visibility into student performance and progress. We’re so excited about these new courses and their ability to support educators as they address the needs of ELLs.

Ready to scale support for your ELLs? Get a quote for Courseware’s ELL Foundations library. Learn more about supporting your ELLs virtually with the blog post, [Teacher Tips] 8 Ways to Support ELL Students Virtually.  

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