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[ISTE 2016] Personalized Learning—Beyond the Buzzword

[ISTE 2016] Personalized Learning—Beyond the Buzzword

Personalized learning is arguably the hottest topic in education right now. Schools, districts, and edtech companies alike are trying to both define it and infuse elements of it into the day-to-day learning experiences of students. But with so much chatter, it’s sometimes difficult to determine what the essentials are and where to start.

As a former elementary educator in a high-poverty, urban public school, I incorporated many elements of personalized learning into my classroom to help drive learning for my kindergarten students. In my classes, I had students for whom this was their first formal educational experience, and setting behavioral expectations was our top priority. Meanwhile, others soaked up learning like a sponge, reading and writing on a 2nd grade level or above. Working across this wide spectrum of learning needs (yes, even as a kindergarten teacher), I found it was key to incorporate educational tools and strategies to provide students with the unique learning experiences they required.

That’s why I’m excited for a chance to dig into this topic at ISTE 2016! Please join me for a brief presentation taking a look at the essentials of personalized learning on a broader scale:

What? Personalized Learning—Beyond the Buzzword

Where? Edmentum, booth #2316

When? Monday, June 27,at 1:30 PM and Wednesday, June 29, at 11:30 AM

We’ll go beyond the buzzword to uncover the underlying principles that should be in place to make personalized learning a success (hint: you, as the educator, play a huge role!). Then, I’ll break down the process of building personalized learning plans for your students into 10 actionable steps. With a fundamental framework in place, personalized learning will no longer feel like an unreachable goal but something you can put into practice every day with your students.

Whether your district is already on a path toward personalizing learning for all students or you are starting at the bottom by revolutionizing what your classroom of 20+ learners experience day to day, this 15-minute session will ground you in the principles of personalizing learning at all levels of the educational experience.

Want to find out more? Check out Edmentum’s entire in-booth presentation schedule, and learn more about other fun activities and giveaways in store throughout the conference! I look forward to seeing you all in Denver!

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Madison Michell

Madison Michell has been a member of the Edmentum team since 2014 and currently serves as a Marketing Manager. As a former Kindergarten and 3rd grade teacher during her time as a Teach For America corps member, she believes education truly has the power to transform lives. She is passionate about connecting educators with online programs, best practices, and research that improve teaching and learning for today's students.