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ISTE Sneak Preview #3 - Beat the Pro

ISTE Sneak Preview #3 - Beat the Pro

We have a lot of exciting things to share with you this year at ISTE 2013, but we don’t want those who can’t attend to miss out on anything.  Each day this week we will be sharing a sneak peek of what’s coming at ISTE.   We are constantly innovating to help redefine the 21st Century classroom.  Edmentum enables teachers and administrators with a full range of online learning solutions to make learning more impactful. We’re Edmentum and we’re redefining the 21st Century classroom.

Think you can beat an Edmentum product pro?  Edmentum challenges you to try your hand at one of our games to see if you can beat the pro and win an Edmentum prize pack!  We will be playing the math and language arts PlayLive games within EducationCity at ISTE. 

PlayLive is a section of EducationCity that allows students to enjoy educational “gaming” situations against other students their age.

Sherry Clifton, Instruction Assistant/Technology Coordinator, from Fort Wright Elementary in Covington, KY states:

“PlayLive is a friendly competition that our students absolutely love! Our struggling learners, who can sometimes feel they cannot compete academically, have the opportunity to compete with other students in the state with those that are on their same academic level. I can see that this really has helped build their confidence while continuing to build their skills.

The competition can sometimes get so exciting and intense that we have to quiet the students down. I also have noticed that our shyer students grab on to their peers enthusiasm and quietly join in by competing online with PlayLive as well.

In the classroom I love the ability to use PlayLive as a reward because the students work really hard to get the opportunity to compete. I am rewarded as a teacher with total engagement on top of enriching and enhancing the curriculum while getting to be an observer in the process.”

EducationCity’s interactive lesson preparation tools help teachers pinpoint content that matches lesson objectives. Teachers can quickly and easily identify specific learning goals, select specific topics, and hand-pick activities for future lessons. Teachers have the ability to create unique lessons and tailor content and instruction to meet individual student needs.


Attending ISTE? We encourage you to stop by our booth to learn more about all of our interactive product offerings.  After you try your hand at Beat the Pro, check out our interactive product demos, play a game of Plinko, or share in one of our live, dynamic presentations. Can’t wait to see you there!