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K-5 Fundamentals: Coding and Digital Literacy

K-5 Fundamentals: Coding and Digital Literacy

It’s no secret that the need for programmers, software developers, and computer science engineers is increasing at a dizzying rate. After a decade that saw a steady decline in the number of computer science classes in American high schools, the education landscape is finally waking up with renewed vigor and offering a plethora of program options on the subject. With all the buzz about computing and, more specifically, coding, it is important to note that not all coding experiences are equal and what students take away in terms of thinking and problem-solving skills is perhaps the best measure of their success.

At the forefront of this growing movement, Edmentum is proud to unveil its newest subject for EducationCity--Computing! Built to provide K–5 students with fundamental technological knowledge and skills, this subject includes the interactive activities and expansive teacher resources you have grown to expect from EducationCity. Join Chip and Meg, the newest additions to the band of familiar EducationCity characters, as they guide students through a friendly introduction to Digital Literacy, Information Technology, and Computer Science.

Through the three different components of this new subject, Computing strives to help young learners become better critical thinkers and problem solvers as they develop vital science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills. The focus of learning goes beyond the syntax of a single programming language to develop deeper thinking with cross-curricular applications.

Digital Literacy

In Digital Literacy, our youngest learners will begin to explore the responsible use of technology. During an age where children hold the power to unearth answers in the matter of a few clicks, it’s critical that they understand the role they play as digital citizens. In this section, students will learn about engaging with technology outside of school, choosing appropriate search terms, and staying safe online.

Information Technology

Students will discover an Information Technology section that looks at the application of technology to solve problems and create solutions. With activities that cover topics such as basic email information, how to determine reliable websites, and Internet search techniques, students will practice robust thinking skills in familiar situations.

Computer Science

In the Computer Science section , students receive an introduction to coding that includes programming vocabulary, designing algorithms, and predicting simple programs. With age-appropriate topics, students will discover the essence of computational thinking—that is, “thinking like a computer scientist” when confronted with a problem. By using logic, students will begin to explore code and understand how it is structured.

As a growing number of schools begin to recognize that computer science is an essential subject, the next question is “Where do you start?” The number of programming resources can be overwhelming, and the educators who feel comfortable teaching these courses are scarce. As computing moves into the curriculum alongside reading, writing, and math, instructors need to be supported with resources that don’t require hours of legwork and lesson planning to be effective.

Instructional Support

EducationCity’s Computing module provides teachers with a variety of activities to support the instructional process, including topic introduction, guided practice, independent learning, and skill reinforcement. Even the most hesitant instructor can feel confident navigating through this new subject with his or her students, using the vast resources and tutorials available to delve into the many aspects of computer technology.

Technology plays a huge part in our lives, and now, more than ever, it’s important to address all facets of computing to help build a foundation for college and career readiness beginning in the earliest grades.

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