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[Lexile Measures® + Edmentum] Meaningful Literacy Measures in Georgia

[Lexile Measures® + Edmentum] Meaningful Literacy Measures in Georgia

Any classroom teacher can most likely tell you off the top of her head which students are reading on-level, and which are not. But that knowledge can be difficult to translate into actionable data that can be used to improve literacy. That’s why many states, like Georgia, are turning to digital classroom tools like the Lexile® Framework for Reading from MetaMetrics® to make classroom data more meaningful, so educators can spend more time personalizing learning and tailoring instruction to their students. 

How does Georgia measure success with Lexile measures?

Georgia is one of many states that has established a partnership with MetaMetrics and now includes Lexile measures for their state summative exams to indicate reading ability. Students receive a Lexile measure along with a scale score on the Georgia Milestones End-of-Grade or End-of-Course ELA Assessment, based on the reading portion of the ELA test. 

Georgia educators and parents can then use these Lexile measures as a resource for improving reading proficiency, which is an early indicator of academic success and a prerequisite for college and career readiness. With Lexile measures, educators can track student progress, and monitor a student’s ability to read and understand texts of steadily increasing complexity as they progress through school. Valuable insights into student readiness provided by Lexile measures also save Georgia educators time by making it easier to identify students in need of reading intervention, and by guiding teachers towards materials that are most appropriate for their students’ reading abilities.

What should you expect from a trusted MetaMetrics partner?

Through our partnership with MetaMetrics, Edmentum is proud to offer foundational literacy programs that not only report Lexile measures through adaptive assessments and lessons, but also provide Lexile-leveled materials to help supplement instruction. Take a look at each of our Lexile-supported programs to discover how our solutions can help you confidently propel learning and literacy forward for your students.

Exact Path: Academic growth for K–12th grade

Exact Path, Edmentum’s K-12 individualized learning solution, provides Lexile measures as an output from an adaptive diagnostic assessment, aimed at understanding each student’s precise instructional level, strengths, and weaknesses.

After completing the adaptive diagnostic assessment and receiving their Lexile measure, each student is set on an individualized learning path, aligned to Georgia Standards of Excellence, that includes scaffolded reading instruction and practice. Lessons include direct instruction, practice, and regular quizzes, while progress checks provide real-time data to inform daily instruction and targeted intervention time.

Exact Path provides educators with big-picture and skill-by-skill data views allowing educators to gain powerful and timely insight on student growth and perfromance to inform personalized instruction.  At the same time, the user-friendly interface and engaging, age-appropriate activities allow students to navigate their learning paths independently and gain confidence on the path towards college and career readiness.

Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress: Literacy development for Pre-K–6th grade

Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, Edmentum’s dynamic two-in-one literacy solution, supports the reading and comprehension development of your students with engaging activities and lessons aligned to the five essential pillars of reading—phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. A student’s approximate Lexile measure is reported in the Teacher Dashboard upon placement into the reading program. As students work through reading lessons and read increasingly more complex texts, the report also tracks Lexile growth.

In Reading Eggs, the Pre-K—2nd grade side of the program, 120 Stepping Stone lessons help students build foundational phonemic awareness and phonics skills, learn sight words and vocabulary, and begin reading simple sentences. Each lesson represents a specific Lexile measure and includes a series of 8-12 short activities that gradually build literacy skills through ongoing practice and repetition.

In the 3-6th grade side of the program, Reading Eggspress, 220 Comprehension lessons, continue to build on students’ literacy knowledge by developing comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary skills to improve their Lexile® measure. Within each lesson, students explore up to 10 activities to make predictions, learn new vocabulary, and practice different comprehension strategies using excerpts of the focus story that they will read at the end of the lesson.

The program also includes an extensive Library of over 2,000 Lexile-leveled fiction and non-fiction e-books, which students can browse by Lexile level, subject, or grade level. With Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, it’s easier than ever for educators to monitor reading proficiency, track Lexile growth, and support students with appropriate texts on the path to literacy.

Interested in learning more about how Edmentum is partnering with MetaMetrics to bring Lexile measures into your classroom? Check out our blog on 4 Ways to Put Lexile Measures into Practice Today for tips on how to get the most out of this powerful metric!

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