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My Why: An #EducatorFirst Perspective

My Why: An #EducatorFirst Perspective

Education is the most powerful gift we can give someone, period. I’ve seen education transform people—lifting them up and changing their trajectory. As someone who has witnessed its power through the tradition of lifelong learning in my own family, I can tell you that the opportunity to learn is one of the few things that impacts generations—not just today in the here and now, but tomorrow, 10 years from now, 100 years from now . . . my kid’s kids.

My father, a geography teacher, instilled the value of education in me growing up, and I’ve dedicated my career to instill this value in others. In fact, I’ve made it my personal mission to give all students the opportunity to learn in the way that suits them best. Every day, I wake up feeling connected to Edmentum’s mission of being educators' most trusted partner in creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs, and I go to bed feeling like students are better off than they were yesterday.

The culture at Edmentum reflects my personal motivation to positively change the world. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner, not just through formal education, but through embracing every opportunity to soak up knowledge. I wholeheartedly embrace work that we collectively do at Edmentum, and I am constantly amazed at the passionate and convicted group of people who surround me in this organization.

I am a firm believer that every student should have equal access to educational opportunities, as well as a choice in how his or her education is delivered. Choice in education delivery means that all students should have the ability to learn when they want, how they want, and in whatever modality that works, without having to worry about their ability to access a quality education. When it comes to 21st century education, we should look to how we can leverage all the great resources and technology available to provide students with options in the ways that they learn best, which is where Edmentum comes in, bringing along the quality and the access to education every student deserves.

At the end of the day, I want to help educators be as effective as possible so that they spend less time completing administrative tasks and more time instructing and helping their students succeed. One of the best compliments I can receive from teachers is that we’ve saved them time in their day, which they were then able to use for more student instruction or individual help. It is so incredibly rewarding to see the lightbulb moment for students, especially those who have struggled to be successful in their environment. When Edmentum can help a student overcome access to barriers and free up teachers to do what they do best, a whole new dynamic emerges.

So, what’s my why. Impact. Grit. Determination. Legacy. Four words—and fewer than 35 characters.

Learning can occur anywhere, and technology is a bridge to those “aha” moments. It’s a timesaver. It’s an access point. I work hard today so that 50 years from now, we can wake up knowing that EVERY kid has access to high-quality learning opportunities through the vehicles in which they learn best. The opportunity to learn is the most powerful gift we can give someone, and it’s one that all students deserve.