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My Why: Fabiola Garcia

My Why: Fabiola Garcia

The beginning of Edmentum incoming sales calls can sound a bit transactional in nature: “I want to get a renewal quote for our subscription…” “I heard about your program and wanted to get a quote for my campus…” “We’re using a trial of your program right now, and I was wondering what the price for my classroom would be…”

These calls start off seemingly straightforward in nature. Educators call in looking for pricing, a demo, or a trial. But, as I’ve come to discover, each of these calls has a unique story behind it. While there are common themes that resonate across the board, all educators who reach out to us have the mission of looking for tools that they can incorporate into their day that will lead students toward success—which is no easy feat when you consider that all of these educators have classes filled with individual students with their own unique needs and talents.

My most treasured aspect of being involved in these conversations is that I get insight into the reasons why educators choose the field of education—I get to hear their why. My why is that I get to partner with these passionate, dedicated, hardworking educators every day, and if I’m lucky, they trust me enough to share their struggles as well as their successes with me when it comes to their learners.

Being a part of the Edmentum team has helped me feel that if I can’t directly teach students, I can at least help educators gain access to online tools to help their students strive toward success. My reward is getting to hear feedback about how our programs were successfully implemented, how much the students love the programs, or even how our online tools lightened teachers’ workloads so that they had more time for their students and for themselves too.

I do it for the educators who get a sense of relief knowing that they’ve finally found a program that works. I do it for the students who end up finally understanding the material that they’ve struggled with for so long. I do it because combining technology with education can have amazing effects, and I’m fortunate enough to watch it unfold through the stories educators feel comfortable enough sharing with Edmentum as we partner together.