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The Oklahoma Tornado: One Teacher’s Heroic Story

The Oklahoma Tornado: One Teacher’s Heroic Story

Rhonda Crosswhite, 6th grade teacher at Plaza Towers Elementary School, doesn’t remember much about the tornado that devastated Oklahoma earlier this week, but her injuries provide proof of her heroism.  “It felt like someone was beating me up from behind," said the Moore, OK teacher who shielded her students from the storm in a bathroom stall.  “The stuff was just coming down on my back. I have cuts everywhere that I didn't even realize I had." recently featured an article and an amazing video of Rhonda Crosswhite being reunited with fourth-grader Damian Britton, one of several student she helped save during the tornado.

In this article, Britton described the heroic actions of Crosswhite who he says saved his life and others by covering several students with her body to shield them from the storm.  "She was covering me and my friend Zachary,'' said Britton.  “I told her we were fine because we were holding on to something, and then she went over to my friend Antonio and covered him, so she saved our lives.”  .

The teacher and student shared an emotional reunion along with Damian’s mother, Brandi Kline.  "I told you we were going to be OK,'' Crosswhite said as she hugged Damian.

We commend all of the educators, parents, and volunteers like Ms. Crosswhite who helped to save and protect the students affected by this tragedy. To read the full article and watch the video, please click here.