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Our Latest Rock Star: Abraham Clark High School

Our Latest Rock Star: Abraham Clark High School

Abraham Clark High School (ACHS) is a suburban school in Roselle, NJ, that, with 75 percent of its students being economically disadvantaged, faces its share of challenges. Like many schools in this position, ACHS wanted to expand its credit recovery and career and technical education (CTE) options to better fit its diverse student body. Through its efforts, the school has raised its graduation rate by 22 percent in the past four years.

We talked with ACHS principal Rashon Mickens to find out how the school has achieved the success that has earned it the title of an Edmentum Rock Star school.

How does your credit recovery program work?

Mr. Mickens: Our credit recovery program is used for students to make up classes that they have not passed or received credit for. Students work in labs after school from 3:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. There are six staff members that currently monitor the program. We allow students to only take two credit recovery courses at a time.

What role does career and technical education play at Abraham Clark High School?

Mr. Mickens: Career and technical courses are used for students to accrue additional credits in specific areas. Students often use the [Edmentum] CTE library to accrue credits or to supplement the coursework. The CTE courses currently available to the students include personal finance, health occupations, and computer sciences.

Are the programs popular?

Mr. Mickens: Last year, we had eight seniors that utilized the credit recovery program, and all of them graduated. In the 2015–16 school year, we had 22 seniors enrolled in the Edmentum credit recovery process. We have additional students enrolled at every grade level.

What has Edmentum allowed you to do that wasn’t possible before?

Mr. Mickens: We attribute the rise in our graduation rate to the ability to monitor students’ performance from the time they begin as 9th graders at our institution and the offerings of Edmentum/Plato courses that allows our students to make up or earn additional credits that would lead to on-track graduating credits.

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