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Outstanding Virtual Instruction with Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy: 4 Proof Points

Outstanding Virtual Instruction with Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy: 4 Proof Points

Online education. Online courses. Virtual learning. These are terms that are used in our schools, by our educators, and by technology providers, but how do you know when you’ve actually found the right online solution for your students? How do you know that your students are going to receive the same quality of instruction that they would from a teacher standing at the front of the classroom?

Here at Edmentum, we spend a lot of time thinking about these questions, because we pride ourselves on offering top-quality virtual education to students around the country through our EdOptions Academy virtual school. So, what is it that we believe backs up our commitment to providing a comprehensive and rigorous online learning experience that prepares today’s students for future success? Here are four proof points that demonstrate this commitment in action:

1. Our courses are comprehensive and rigorous as evidenced by numerous state approvals and alignment to iNACOL standards

EdOptions Academy is powered by our Plato Courseware online courses, which have a 96.96% approval rate for state agency courseware and virtual program submissions. This is a meaningful indicator that our courses are exceeding standards across the country for quality, rigor, and engagement in a broad range of subjects, including Common Core, world language, Advanced Placement®, CTE, and elective courses. Aside from our state approvals, 158 of our courses have been reviewed by Academic Benchmarks© for iNacol standards compliance.

2. Our teachers are highly qualified as evidenced by meeting state certification requirements.

Every teacher who is hired to work for EdOptions Academy is highly qualified in their state and subject area. The hiring process includes a series of interviews, verifications, background checks, and training to ensure that EdOptions students are working with the best teachers possible. Most of our teachers have previous experience in virtual instruction, which comes with its own set of challenges traditional classroom teachers don’t face. Knowing how to engage students without spending daily in-person time with them takes specific training and practice, and we work hard to make sure all EdOptions teachers have it. Watch this video to hear from one of our Instructional Leads as she discusses our virtual teaching faculty and the approaches they use.

3. Our instruction is of high quality as evidenced by our school accreditation through AdvancEd.

Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy is fully accredited by AdvancED, a leading independent school review organization. This accreditation allows EdOptions Academy the unique ability to offer high school diplomas recognized by schools and colleges across the country and around the world. It shows that our program has met the rigorous standards outlined by AdvancED, participated in an onsite review process, and strives for continuous improvement. Check out this infographic to learn more about AdvancED’s in-depth review process.

4. Our program is of high quality as evidenced by our recognition of ISTE’s Seal of Alignment.

The ISTE Seal of Alignment for Readiness indicates that EdOptions Academy courses focus on teaching students to effectively use technology, and build the foundational technology skills needed to support the ISTE Standards. It sets EdOptions Academy apart as a globally recognized, uniquely and highly qualified online learning experience. To be awarded the Seal of Readiness, a panel of education experts reviewed multiple EdOptions Academy courses across various subject areas including English, science, math, computer programming, social studies and electronic communication. Each course’s content, delivery and features were mapped to different requirements of the six main ISTE Standards for Students. These standards focus on 21st century skills including Creativity and Innovation; Communication and Collaboration; Research and Information Fluency; Critical Thinking and Problem Solving; Digital Citizenship; and Technology Operations and Concepts. 

Ready to learn more about a virtual school partnership? Find out how your school or district can expand course offerings and provide flexible alternatives for students with Edmentum’s fully-accredited EdOptions Academy!