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[Plato Courseware Year in Review] Edmentum Partnerships

[Plato Courseware Year in Review] Edmentum Partnerships

Partnerships are important in any situation. They provide a unique opportunity to learn and grow together. It’s all about helping people or organizations develop in different directions than they would have on their own and more fully reach their potential. It’s the idea that, together, we can accomplish more.

At Edmentum, we’re focused on the long term. This means consistently ensuring that we are fostering meaningful, effective, and lasting partnerships built on credibility, integrity, and ethics. Not only are we committed to being a true partner to educators to drive academic success, but we’re also committed to developing important relationships that help Edmentum grow as an organization. That’s why we invest in and are very proud of our work with organizations like WebbAlign® and Quality Matters™.

Let’s review how we partner with these organizations:


Edmentum is one of the premier participants in the WebbAlign Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Partner Program. This program was developed by Dr. Norman Webb, the creator of the DOK concept. WebbAlign provides an innovative and highly respected approach to ensuring alignment of K–12 standards and assessments. The DOK Partner Program helps organizations implement the DOK framework, which facilitates verifiable alignment between standards, curriculum, and assessments. As a result of this partnership, Edmentum is now even better prepared to help educators deliver the right learning and resources to the right students at the right time.

To date, over 50 Edmentum education professionals have participated in full-day professional development seminars through the DOK Partner Program. In addition to this training, the WebbAlign team has reviewed and analyzed Edmentum assessment items to rate their DOK level and provide feedback on the rigor and alignment of the items. The Edmentum curriculum team has used this analysis to revise items and to establish sound guidelines for analyzing rigor and alignment when writing new assessment items. We look forward to continuing our partnership with WebbAlign and passing along new insights into DOK, assessment, and edtech to our customers!

Quality Matters

Quality Matters is a leader in quality assurance for online education, and has received many awards for its peer-based assessments and continuous improvement. Quality Matters’ rubrics for online and blended course design have been adopted by more than 700 colleges and universities, K-12 schools and districts, and other academic institutions, they and continue to influence many others. The Quality Matters review standards are based on widely agreed-upon best practices and supported by a growing body of research.

The Quality Matters K-12 Publisher Rubric was created to address the need for a set of review standards that would aid in design of online courses and assist school boards, individual schools, and teachers in selecting courses for adoption. Based on adherence to existing respected standards for K-12 online education, the K-12 Publisher Rubric serves as a guide to evaluate and improve publisher courses. The rubric integrates the following respected standards for K-12 online education:

Select courses from Edmentum’s Plato Courseware have been awarded the Quality Matters Certificate of Course Recognition. These courses were evaluated based on the standards outlined in the Quality Matters Grades K-12 Publisher Rubric, which requires a 90 out of a possible 106 points for a course to be Quality Matters certified. To date, Edmentum proudly offers 33 Quality Matters–approved courses.

At Edmentum, we, like our customers, are educators committed to the success of every student. Each year provides the chance to reflect and identify growth areas, opportunities for collaboration with other like-minded organizations, and instances where we can consistently deliver on our commitment to student success. We look forward to continuing to offer updates on Edmentum’s organizational partnerships as we develop and expand these relationships!

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